Cappy’s trip to the vet

Don’t worry. My little girl is not sick or injured. It was just a day for her to go see our vet to get her annual shots and checkup 🙂 And Cappy had a great time at the vet’s office as usual.

For Cappy, the vet’s office is a fun, happy place. A sort of playground 🙂 She can play with other dogs and Tyler, the receptionist’s cat. She got extra love from everybody and yummy treats. So she doesn’t mind getting shots at all. The fun she has is far greater than the pinch of the needle. Today was the same happy day for her again. After I dropped my husband off at the CTA Station, I went to the vet’s office. Cappy was already excited when we arrived at the parking lot. She played with a small dog while we were waiting and tried to get Tyler’s attention. In the exam room, her nub was wiggling like crazy when she saw our vet Dr. Andy. She loves him so much. And I think Dr. Andy loves her a lot too. The first time we took her there was just a few days after we got her (2010) and our vet couldn’t help himself but adore her. He kept repeating “She’s something, really something!! She’s a traffic stopper!!” 🙂 Our little puppy girl looked so comfortable on the vet’s table.

12 weeks old Cappy relaxing on the vet’s table 🙂

“I love this place!”

Since then, every time we took her there, Dr. Andy was so pleased to see how beautifully Cappy is growing up. Today she got her annual Distemper/Parvo/Lepto vaccine and Bordetella vaccine. Dr. Andy said she is healthy and everything is great. I was glad to hear that. Cappy was happily playing with Dr. Andy while he was answering my questions about dog related things. I got two heartworm preventives and a doggy toothpaste for my corgis. Later this month, Cappy will be back there again for her rabies shot.

I feel so lucky to have found this vet’s office. After we got Jeter, we took him to another animal hospital. It was okay but something bothered me. Somehow I got the feeling that the vet is not that friendly to Jeter. I didn’t feel comfortable and welcomed when I asked some questions to the vet. So I searched for another animal hospital and found Chicago Pet Clinic. I liked it because it’s only a few minutes away from our house and it got many positive reviews. The first time I took Jeter there, I could feel the genuine love and kindness for my dog from Dr. Andy. And the price is really affordable without compromising the quality of service. I was so happy and satisfied. Jeter loves everybody there too. That is the most important thing. If your dogs get excited about going to the vet, that tells you enough. Btw, later I learned that Chicago Pet Clinic was picked as one of the “Chicago’s Best Veterinarians and Animal hospitals” by CBS.

When we came back home, Jeter was pouting a little bit as if he was complaining about not taking him. But he became his normal sweet loving self when I gave him some treats 🙂 He hopped on the new bed, stretched out and fell asleep.

This is how my Jeter sleeps 🙂

From above

Cappy took a nap on the other bed next to him. Watching sleeping corgis makes me smile. There are not many things as cute, funny and lovely as this in the world.

Sweet dreams, my sweeties!


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