New bed for my corgis

I finished my 10 day-Levofloxacin treatment regimen but I’m still coughing – not as bad as before though – and have some soreness in my leg muscles and my right knee. I know I’m not resting enough these days but it’s hard spending days doing nothing but resting. Anyway I’m going to be careful for a few more days before I start to walk and run.

Yesterday we went to Costco and I grabbed a dog bed. My husband shook his head and smiled. I know I’m a dog bed hoarder. To me, there isn’t such a thing like “Too many dog beds” 🙂 Yes, there are dog beds in our house already.  Besides their own crates and a popup soft crate, Jeter and Cappy have 6 beds. That doesn’t include one big round bed we tossed out after Cappy ruined it when she was a puppy. But their beds are getting flat and I  wanted to buy a new fluffy one for them.

Jeter is enjoying the new bed

This new bed we bought at Costco is “Paws and Claws” bolster bed. It looks/feels good and I like that the manufacturer used plastic bottles to make the stuffing. It is a bit bigger than the round Costco dog bed we already have so Jeter and Cappy can stretch out their body. We call this new bed the “corgi kolacky”.  Yes, it looks like a big round kolacky cookie with sweet corgi filling 🙂

Cappy is relaxing on the new bed

When I put the new bed on the floor, Jeter was the one who went on first. He seemed to love it. Usually he checks out the new bed briefly and comes off but this time, he stayed in. Cappy was sniffing around it but Jeter didn’t move to let her hop on. It was funny. Cappy needed to wait to check the new bed for herself until Jeter finally came off. Once she went on, she turned around several times to make it feel right for her. Then she lay down, closed her eyes and relaxed. They both seemed to enjoy the new bed 🙂

Later I caught them on the bed together. It is quite a rare thing they do. They play/eat together but when it comes to lying down or sleeping, Jeter prefers to have his own space. Maybe it’s because he didn’t have the same puppyhood like Cappy – Cappy has many siblings and slept with them all the time when she was a puppy. I always want to see my corgis sleep together on top of each other but still that hasn’t happen yet. But slowly but surely Jeter is getting much more comfortable with Cappy being so close to him. I think Jeter secretly loves that 🙂 Anyway, seeing them sharing the new bed together made me smile. I took some pictures of them. Enjoy!

Jeter and Cappy together on the corgi kolacky.

Cappy : “Hey Jeter, move over!”
Jeter : “No way, YOU move over!”

Cappy :”Let’s see what this bed tastes like”
Jeter : “Silly girl….”

“Mmmmm… comfy!”


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