Day 116 – Stick to the plan

It was another crazy windy day. That evil wind didn’t go away!! There were many broken branches on the street and trees were breakdancing. It was a warm day again but with this kind of wind, I didn’t even think about going outside to run. So I went to the same old stinky gym.

After struggling in the wind yesterday, I got a pain in the left side. I think I pulled some muscles while I was running against the wind. I was so tired last night too. But this morning the pain was gone and surprisingly my legs felt good. If I were still tired, I would’ve switched the today and tomorrow’s workouts but I didn’t need to do that. I stuck to the original plan of 6X400 intervals. With the warm up, easy running and the cool down, I ran 5.75 miles today. Speed work made me tired but I was glad I did it. It is hard but it also gives me a very rewarding feeling 🙂


Day 115 – Crazy weather

This winter has been very mild. We had some really cold days and snow but overall much milder than last winter. But today’s weather was much more than ‘mild’. It was like a day in May. The high temperature today was 68. A very bright sunny day. If you’re a runner, you can’t pass up this kind of day, especially in March. So I went out to run. And I came back home right away. I overdressed. I know the temperature was above 60 but with a strong wind, the real feel temperature could be lower. But I was wrong. It was way warmer than I thought. I took off the long winter running pants and put the running capri pants on. Instead of the thick wind breaker, I wore the thin and light one for the spring. Okay, the wardrobe problem is fixed. Let’s go out to run! But….. my outdoor run didn’t last long because of the strong wind 😦

I knew it was windy but I didn’t know it was that windy. Up to 40 mph of wind gusts, it was hard to run against it. I planned to do the tempo run today but I couldn’t maintain the pace I wanted to run at and I got something in my eyes. I struggled a lot and got frustrated. So I changed the plan. I took my corgis out and tried to run easily with them. But even that was hard. Jeter and Cappy seemed to like the feeling of their fur blown by the strong wind. They looked happy to run with me. But it was hard for them to run against the wind too. At some point it looked like we were all running on a treadmill not on a sidewalk. My corgis’ cute short legs were moving so fast but they were not moving forward! Haha 🙂 Not an ideal day to run even though it was such a beautiful day. So I wrapped up the outside running with a total of 2.39 miles. Then I went to the gym and did my scheduled tempo run. Including the warm up and cool down I ran 4.08 miles at the gym. Today’s total mileage was 6.47 miles. That was more than I planned to do today. But since I didn’t run continuously, it didn’t give me the satisfactory feeling. It felt like I wasted my whole afternoon. It was not an efficient way and made me tired. I don’t know if I will do the speed work tomorrow.