Things are looking up :-)

Yesterday I went back to the radiology office to take a chest X-ray. It was crowded in the waiting room. No wonder, their machine went down all day yesterday. I prepared myself for waiting there quite a long time but to my surprise, they worked pretty fast. Actually I waited a little bit, took two X-rays, and came out in less than 20 minutes! I wondered why they didn’t work like that before. Anyway, spending less time at the radiology office was good 🙂

This morning after I came back from the gym, I got a phone call from my doctor. He said he got the X-ray result and everything looked cleared. I was glad to hear that. And my blood test results came out good too. Yay!! No more effin’ pneumonia!!!!

It was drizzling on and off all day. Even though it didn’t rain as much as many people want, the temperature was so comfortable. My corgis love this cooler weather. They seemed to enjoy the afternoon walk more today. If there was no thunderstorm forecast, I would take them to the trail. The weathermen said the weather will be very beautiful this weekend and Jeter and Cappy will have some good times at the trail with us. Anyway, these days Jeter and Cappy spend lots of time on the window bench. Sometimes together, sometimes they take turns. But the other day, I saw them falling asleep on the bench together for the first time. They looked just so adorable. You can see Jeter’s nose was in the sheer curtain 🙂

I took the sheer curtain away from Jeter’s face and they still didn’t move and kept sleeping.

“This is a very good napping spot…Don’t wake us up… Zzzzzzz”

Today, I walked/ran 3.2 miles on a treadmill at the gym. I ran more and faster but still in a careful way. It felt good and I sweated a lot. Little by little, I’m going to get my fitness back.


Shortened run

It’s only early May but the temperature rose like a summer day. I was still working this morning so I couldn’t go out to run early. When I was ready to go out, it was already too hot and humid for my corgis. I left them at home and went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail by myself. I planned to run 7-8 miles but I stopped at 6 miles. It was too hot and humid to run. Maybe it was more mental than physical. I can deal with heat in the summer pretty well but somehow these early hot days this year wore me out. And I was very frustrated about the bugs. Too many bugs. I wanted to go back home. 6 miles were good enough and I didn’t want to get more stress from the bugs. That was why I shortened my run today. I think that was the right decision. I was glad I didn’t take Jeter and Cappy out to the trail.

It’s raining hard now. My team is losing but at least I don’t need to hear Kay or Flaherty. Wake up, bats!!

Day 127 – Back to the gym

I can’t believe it’s still March. Today wherever we go, people were eating outside, women were wearing summer dresses and tank tops, shirtless guys – some of them shouldn’t be though -, running on the street or playing in the park. These scenes are typical in the middle of summer. Today’s high temperature was over 85 degrees. March weather shouldn’t be like this. I don’t know how the real summer weather will be. Anyway it was another beautiful day. But instead going outside to run, I went to the gym today. And it wasn’t that bad 🙂

Yesterday, after running with my corgis in the morning I walked more than 2 hours at the Pet Expo. My legs were tired this morning. I thought about going to the trail early but changed my mind and slept more. Then we went to Costco and a grocery store. Yes, a married couple’s Sunday date 🙂 When we came back, and took the doggies out, it was almost 5 pm. I didn’t have enough time to drive to the forest preserve trail. The small park near our house is too crowded. And I didn’t want to go outside to run. I didn’t have enough energy to deal with the heat. In this kind of situation, having a gym membership isn’t bad.

The gym was almost empty. Late in the afternoon on Sunday and the beautiful weather made sure of that. This is the best time to go to the gym 🙂 It was so quiet and peaceful. And unlike the ‘sizzling’ temperature outside, the temperature inside was very pleasant. Quiet, peaceful, and pleasant. Unusual choice of words for describing the gym I go to. The treadmill’s forgiving surface was helpful to my legs, too. I ran 5.23 miles slowly. Since I had that side pain, I couldn’t run like before. Because of the side pain, I had to run really slow for days and maybe that changed my gait and affected my leg muscles. In spite of less mileage, my legs are so tired and feeling weak. I don’t know what to do about the 2012 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K. A race makes you competitive and makes you run harder. It can be risky especially when your legs are not 100 percent. I will see how my legs feel this week and adjust what I will do.

Jeter and Cappy are still a little bit slow than usual. Yesterday’s running and days of unseasonably hot weather made them tired. We tried not to do this but we gave up and turned the air conditioner on tonight. Air conditioner in March!! When we turned it on, Jeter lay down in front of a vent and enjoyed the cool air. Cappy was chilling’ near him. Tomorrow will be hot again and I think we will leave the air on 🙂