Day 94

I don’t like the Valentine’s Day commercial hype. My husband feels the same. Maybe we’re getting too old to get excited about Valentine’s Day. Or we don’t need to have a certain day to express our love for each other. Anyway, we started the day with a date. Going to the gym at 5:30am date:-) We got a nice Valentine’s Day gift, too. The most annoying Chatty Cathy wasn’t there today!! Her friends were still chatty but not as annoying as her. That made our morning quite pleasant. I ran 5.31 miles and my husband walked 3.43 miles. We came back home and shared a croissant and some fresh squeezed orange juice and extra hugs and kisses. That’s a good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I don’t like candy. I don’t like chocolate. I have a wonderful husband. He’s the sweetest thing for me in the world. That’s more than enough sweetness for me.

It was snowing lightly. And the temperature went up a little bit. It was good for my corgis because all the salt on the sidewalk was melted and gone. Since the last snow, the sidewalks were covered with salt. That irritates my corgis paws. Last night when we took them out for the night walk, Cappy had some problem on one of her paw and started to walk on three legs. I usually put the doggie boots on them but last night I thought they would be okay without boots. My poor little girl looked so miserable. So my husband carried her home. She looked happy in Daddy’s arms. But she is not a 7lb puppy any more:-) Today after all the salt was gone, she didn’t have any problem. I hate to see my corgis lift their feet because of salt.

So that was day 94. Another good day for love.