Day 12

This morning, my family – 2 humans and 2 corgis – did our own Thanksgiving turkey trot. We went to the forest preserve trail around 8 am. There were so many people and dogs there. Maybe everybody was trying to be less guilty for eating a big dinner later 🙂

The weatherman said it will be a sunny day and temperature will go up to 55 degrees. But this morning, it was cloudy and chilly at 42 degrees. Well… I know it was the morning time so the temperature was lower than 55 but hey, where is the “sunny” part??? We humans complained a little about the cold weather but my furry friends didn’t have any problem and were so excited. We did 4.61 miles. I ran here and there and my husband walked. We did “gobble, gobble” while we were walking. It was fun 🙂

While Jeter and Cappy were taking a break, one woman approached us and said “They are Welsh corgis, right? They are so adorable!!!” My corgis knew she was talking about them and they showered her with the corgi love 🙂

Jeter and Cappy will have a great time at my sister-in-law’s house tonight. So will we.