Day 104 – snowy day

Yesterday my husband said that “to be happy, you need to sleep 8 hours.” That’s what he learned from the seminar he attended. So we tried to sleep 8 hours but we failed 🙂 There are so many things in life hindering us from sleeping 8 hours. We’re still happy but I think sleeping more hours can be good.

It was snowing this morning. The driveway was covered with lots of wet, heavy snow. It was a good day to stay home and cuddle with my corgis. That’s what I did in the morning. And I went to the gym in the afternoon after the driveway was cleaned. I ran 5.52 miles today. Now my total mileage is less than 4 miles from the 500 mile mark. Tomorrow I will pass the 500! 🙂


Day 94

I don’t like the Valentine’s Day commercial hype. My husband feels the same. Maybe we’re getting too old to get excited about Valentine’s Day. Or we don’t need to have a certain day to express our love for each other. Anyway, we started the day with a date. Going to the gym at 5:30am date:-) We got a nice Valentine’s Day gift, too. The most annoying Chatty Cathy wasn’t there today!! Her friends were still chatty but not as annoying as her. That made our morning quite pleasant. I ran 5.31 miles and my husband walked 3.43 miles. We came back home and shared a croissant and some fresh squeezed orange juice and extra hugs and kisses. That’s a good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I don’t like candy. I don’t like chocolate. I have a wonderful husband. He’s the sweetest thing for me in the world. That’s more than enough sweetness for me.

It was snowing lightly. And the temperature went up a little bit. It was good for my corgis because all the salt on the sidewalk was melted and gone. Since the last snow, the sidewalks were covered with salt. That irritates my corgis paws. Last night when we took them out for the night walk, Cappy had some problem on one of her paw and started to walk on three legs. I usually put the doggie boots on them but last night I thought they would be okay without boots. My poor little girl looked so miserable. So my husband carried her home. She looked happy in Daddy’s arms. But she is not a 7lb puppy any more:-) Today after all the salt was gone, she didn’t have any problem. I hate to see my corgis lift their feet because of salt.

So that was day 94. Another good day for love.

Day 61

After running 6 miles outside yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised this morning that my legs felt so light and strong. It felt like I was floating. I breathed like I was meditating not running. I ran 5.20 miles and felt great. It was kind of funny because last night I worked and stayed up late. I didn’t sleep that much and this morning I was quite cranky before I went to the gym. But somehow I had this good run 🙂

Yesterday when I wrote my blog post, I forgot to say that it was the first outdoor running with my Nike free 2+ shoes on. Those shoes helped my feet to feel the road more. I’m willing to buy another pair.

After the gym, I drove around to the stores. It was snowing but wasn’t as heavy as later in the day. My shoes got wet. I should’ve brought a pair of old shoes. When I came back, it was already 12:30. My morning was all gone!! In the afternoon, I took Jeter and Cappy for their walk. They were like sled dogs. Especially Cappy, she was so excited about the snow and she forgot to do her business! I managed to walk them together a little bit and went back home. Then I took only Cappy out again with a 30ft leash and Chuckit flying squirrel toy. Cappy was so so so happy playing in the snow. She ran, jumped, and dived in the snow. She was such a cute snow princess.



She wanted to play forever but I stopped after about 20 minutes. I took her home and dried her. And then I took Jeter out. Cappy wanted to follow him but I told her to stay in the house. Jeter ran happily. He was so fast. He dived into the snow several times and his face was all covered with snow. I couldn’t take a picture of his happy face covered with lots of snow because he moved so fast. I just took this one at the end of playing.


This is the first serious snow of this winter in Chicago. When we took our corgis for the night walk, they were cruising in the snow like submarines 🙂 I played some more fetch with them and now they are happily resting around our feet. From the good run in the morning to fun fetch in the snow with my lovable corgis at night, it was quite a good day.

Day 35

It was snowing very beautifully this morning. Big snowflakes were coming down from the sky like they were dancing in the air. I took some pictures of my corgis using my phone – see my blog post ” Let it snow, let it snow”.

Today we bumped up our mileage a little bit. My husband did 3.31 miles and I ran 5.05 miles. It was the first time I hit the 5 miles mark at the gym since I started to run again (I did it once when I ran outside). It felt good when I saw the number 5 on the control panel. 5 on my Day 35 🙂

As of today I completed my 5th week. This week, my mileage was 29.37miles. Less than last week but considering I had a sore ankle, it wasn’t bad. Keep going!

Day 27

Today was a better running day. My legs felt much lighter than yesterday. I ran 4.57 miles. The gym was crowded. I think there were some freeloaders at the gym since they don’t check the membership card these days. I don’t know when and how they will change the membership card and the entry system.

It snowed last night. Not much, but the sidewalk was covered with a thin layer of snow in the morning. My husband said Cappy was so excited. It was sunny in the afternoon but not enough to melt the snow. I need to be very careful not to slip on any ice tonight when we take our corgis out.