Day 119 – Progress, brunch, and test drive

I managed to sleep on my left side last night. I still can’t sleep on my right side but it was a big improvement from only sleeping on my back 🙂 I will never take it for granted about being able to sleep on my side!!

I felt much better than yesterday. The pain in my left side is not gone completely yet, but I’m sure sooner rather than later, I will be 100% pain free. But I didn’t forget I’m still day-to-day. So it was another easy running day at the gym. I ran 4.02 miles. It was such a beautiful sunny day but the wind was crazy! When we were driving on the highway, our car was pushed by the strong wind. Anyway, Saturday late afternoon was the best time to go to the gym. There were about 10 people but the gym was so quiet and peaceful.

We went out for brunch at “Katie’s kitchen” this morning. I had a chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread and sweet potato fries. They were so good and made me happy. After the brunch, we headed to a Toyota dealer for a test drive of the Prius V. We wanted to compare the V3 and the V5 but they only had a V3. It was a cool car but before we make any decision, we will test drive the V5 and maybe some other hybrid cars. New car smell was nice though 🙂


Day 118 – Running in place.

The pain in my left side is getting better but still there. I miss the days I could sleep on my side. But since it doesn’t hurt when I walk or run slow, I went to the gym and ran 3.73 miles slowly. I’ll skip the weekend long runs and keep doing this easy runs until the pain goes away completely.

The gym I go to changed the whole group classes and instructors. Today when I was there, a Zumba class was going on. It was fun to watch people doing that but I don’t think it’s the class for me. I need to check their classes again. I already saw that the Saturday morning classes weren’t that great. Well.. I need to wait until this nagging pain goes away before I try any class.

That’s it for today. Not that much to say about my easy run day. I know it will take some time and it’s only the second day of my easy run, but I’m already tired of not running as much as I want.

Day 117 – Take it easy

When I started to run again, the injuries I worried about were leg related ones, something like shin splints or Iliotibial band syndrome. But what bothered me today was nothing but the side stitch!

The day before yesterday I went out to run and struggled against the wind. That night I felt a slight pain in my left side below the rib cage. I thought I pulled the muscle. The next morning the pain was gone. My legs were good. So I did the scheduled speed work without any problem. But last night, that pain came back. It was not really painful but made me frustrated. I couldn’t move certain ways easily,lying down and getting up required some effort. I hoped that the pain would have gone away this morning but it didn’t. Sigh.

It was that windy day. I think that day’s gusty winds I struggled against gave me this pain. I think that day I didn’t breathe right because of the wind and that caused some stress on my diaphragm. Plus yesterday’s speed work which made me breathe fast and hard didn’t help either. It doesn’t hurt when I walk or run slowly. So I went to the gym and ran 3.18 miles slowly. If it hurts when I run, I wouldn’t do that just for the sake of a “streak”. I already completed my 100 day running project. The reason why I’m running everyday is just because I like to do it. Not for the streak. I’m not interested in joining the ‘United States Running Streak Association’ – yes, this is a real organization 🙂

The light workout helped the blood flow. And I iced my left side after I came home. I also did some deep inhale/exhale exercise repeats and took some rest. It felt much better in the evening. But I will be careful about it for awhile. Anyway according to the training plan I’m following now, today and tomorrow are the easy 3 miles days. I’ll see how I feel and maybe I will skip the weekend longer runs to be safe. When it comes to running, “No pain, My gain”.

Funny thing is… when I need to hold back, I want to do the long runs more!