Pneumonia / corgi nurses

Yes, like the title of this blog post says, I have pneumonia. Weeks ago I started to have a sore throat and bad cough. I don’t know what caused those problems exactly but somehow I got them. I took over the counter medicines but the symptoms got worse and because of the severe coughing, it was almost impossible for me to move around. I hate to go to see the doctor but even I admitted that I needed to go to see our family doctor. He prescribed azithromycin – commonly referred as Z-Pak – for 5 days and hoped that would clear the infection. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was still suffering from severe cough and chest pain. I couldn’t sleep at night and felt really sick. It was hard to live like that. So I went back to see the doctor again and after taking a chest X-ray, I got a diagnosis that I have pneumonia 😦

Our family doctor prescribed a more powerful antibiotic – Levofloxacin 500 mg – this time. I need to take this medicine for 10 days and today is day 4. He prescribed a cough medicine, too. “No exercise and strictly rest” was the doctor’s order. These medicine made me sleep. I’m  still coughing and feeling yucky but today for the first time since I got sick, I could move around without coughing my lungs out like an old sick dying smoker. Also for the first time in awhile, I have enough energy to sit down in front of computer and write a blog post. – If anyone was curious about my long silence, I apologize. But I was that sick. I know you would understand. – Levofloxacin is working. But it comes with a price. Levofloxacin is a strong antibiotic which is used to treat pneumonia and it is also used to prevent or slow anthrax after exposure. I’m experiencing some of the side effects from this medicine. I feel nauseous, and have some muscle weakness/soreness. And today is only Day 4. 6 more days to go. Sigh… 😦 And even after I finish the 10-day Levofloxacin treatment regimen, I still need to wait for weeks until I can run again. It is recommended to avoid doing any exercise for a while due to the risk of muscle tear and tendon rupture. So I have a long way to go.

Cappy and Jeter, my furry nurses 🙂

My husband is worrying about me and taking good care of me. My two little corgis have been such great nurses. When I was coughing a lot and suffering, Jeter and Cappy came to the bed and stayed next to me. They warmed me up and licked my face as if saying “Mommy, are you okay?” They slept with me during the day and made me smile. I feel sorry for them because I couldn’t take them to run for weeks. But I think they understand. They are such great pups and I’m glad they are with me. It would be so lonely and hard to deal with the pneumonia alone.

“Taking care of Mommy is a hard work… “

“Don’t worry, Mommy! We’re here for you!”

“Let’s howl for Mommy’s speedy recovery!!”

Since I’m still sick and need to rest more days, maybe you will not read a new blog post for awhile. Hopefully I will be back soon and can tell you about my running and loyal corgis. Until then, stay healthy for me. Jeter and Cappy send you lots of wet corgi kisses.


Sudden chill

It was such a beautiful day today. Unlike last week, the temperature was perfect for running outside. But I didn’t run. Actually as of today, I have skipped my training three days in a row. I will tell you what happened.

On Sunday, I ran 6.2 miles. I ran in the morning but I didn’t go out that early and the temperature was already above 85 degrees when I started to run. That day I ran hard to pass and avoid a guy who really distracted me. Even though I drank water often, I sweated a lot during and after the run. The same afternoon, it was 97 degrees when I walked my dogs and I started to feel a little bit yucky. Then in the evening, while I was watching a baseball game on TV, I experienced a very sudden chill and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably. On a sizzling hot day, I went under two thick down comforters but still felt cold to my bone. The shivering was so violent that my whole body shook, my teeth chattered non-stop, and my muscles went so tense. I felt better after an hour and a half, but my whole body and muscles were very sore. Well.. my muscles were tensed up and shivered all the time while I was under the comforters so the soreness of the muscles is understandable. I don’t know what caused that sudden chill but I suspect dehydration, heat, low blood sugar(I didn’t eat properly that day), or some kind of infection. I paused my training since then. I will run again when my legs muscles feel good enough again.

One thing I want to say about Sunday’s ordeal is what my loyal corgis did for me. When I was shivering under the comforters, my corgis jumped on the bed and lay down on both sides of me as if they wanted to warm me up and protect me. It was very heartwarming. My husband was surprised because they didn’t move a bit at all for entire time. Usually they don’t stay on our bed that long, especially Jeter. He likes to be with us on the bed but once one of us moves a bit, he harrumphs and goes down to his own bed. Cappy stays on the bed longer than Jeter but she likes to stay near our feet. It was very rare she lies down leaning onto our upper body. So that day, the way they stayed next to me was quite unusual. I think my corgis worried about me 🙂 Jeter didn’t go into his bed that night. He slept on the floor next to the bed. Every time I woke up, he was looking at me as if asking “Are you okay?”. Maybe they love me more than I think.

I’m feeling much better but my husband still worries about me. And I don’t want to run with weak legs and get frustrated. So I will have more rest days even though the weather is tempting. So maybe you won’t read things about running for a few more days on my blog. But I know you will understand.