Busy Sunday

I already knew today would be a hot day. So I should’ve got up super early to go to the trail to run 5 miles. But I failed to get up early. I felt tired and didn’t want to get up. I wanted to sleep more. I lost to the temptation of being lazy. That’s why I need a weekend early bird running buddy. Couple of years ago, I ran with my running buddy on weekends. We met at 5am and ran together. Sometimes I wanted to skip the early running and sleep more, but I couldn’t because I knew she was waiting for me. She said the same thing to me. We helped each other not to skip the weekend early morning run. But we got busy and I stopped running for more than two years. That’s how my weekend early run with her disappeared. I miss running with her. Maybe I should send her an email to say hi and ask her to run again with me.

Even though I felt guilty for not going out to run early, I enjoyed sleeping more. Then I went out for brunch with my husband and went to the stores. Crate & Barrel outlet had a sale going on today and I wanted to buy a large storage bin with a grommet I saw before. We went to the outlet store in Naperville. There were not that many cars on the highways thanks to the NATO summit and protesters. I got the storage bin I wanted and we bought a couple of more things over there. But many good things were already gone 😦

On the way back home, we saw a pet boutique ‘Two Bostons’ and stopped by. They offered us a piece of chocolate cake and lemonade. They said every second Sunday of the month, they celebrate pets’ birthdays. The cake for humans was pretty tasty. We wondered if one of my dear corgi owner friends who lives in the area knows about this store or has been there before. We bought a pink cooling bandana for Cappy and a couple of doggy treats – a carob Bosco brownie, a tailwagger (bacon and cheese) twist,and two peanut butter cups – for Jeter and Cappy. I gave the peanut butter cups to them when we were eating dinner and of course Jeter and Cappy loved them πŸ™‚



Brownie(top), Tailwagger (middle), and Peanut butter cups

After we came back home and took the corgis out, I went to the gym. It was after 5 pm but the temperature was still 92 degrees. It was too late to go to the trail and I didn’t want to deal with the heat any more today. But at the gym, it was as hot inside as it was outside. The only difference was no sunshine. It felt like I was running in an oven. But I did what I needed to do. On the long run day of the first week, I needed to run 5 miles today. I ran 5.25 miles and that completed the first week of Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon training program πŸ™‚ The first week’s low weekly mileage (23.95 miles) was easy on my legs and I enjoyed it. 1 week down, 11+ weeks to go.


Scheduled rest day

It is fun to follow a structured training program. After doing speed work on Wednesday, I ran an easy 3 miles yesterday. And today was the rest day. My legs were sore a little bit on Wednesday night and yesterday morning but running 3 miles yesterday and resting today made my legs feel good again πŸ™‚ During the 100 days of running plus 35 days more, I didn’t have any rest day. After I ended my running streak, I had rest days here and there but those rest days were based on how my body felt. So it’s been awhile since the last time I had a scheduled rest day not to mention following any training program. Tomorrow will be another easy 3 miles day and Sunday will be a long run day – running 5 miles. Then the first week will be completed.

New bench and steps for my corgis

I rested all morning today and went out to the stores in the afternoon. We had a late lunch and went to Home Goods. We bought a basket for storing the dog’s toys and a small bench. The bench is more for our corgis. They can lie down on it and look out the window. It looks cute near the window but a little bit high. Of course Jeter and Cappy can jump up on it but since that bench is not that wide, they can hit their head against the wall. And I usually discourage them to jump on any furniture. So we went to the PetSmart and bought a set of small doggy steps. ( We took Jeter and Cappy with us and they got so much love from many people. They are attention hogs. ) My corgis went up and down to the new bench using the steps. They look so cute on it πŸ™‚

Jeter & Cappy on the new bench

Jeter on the new bench (this picture was taken with the phone.. not that good quality)

Cappy posing on the new bench (this was also taken with the phone )

We already have a good basket for dog toys but it is too tall for our corgis to grab toys in the bottom easily. The new one we got today is lower than the old one and Jeter and Cappy liked it.

This is how I spent my scheduled rest day. I think I had a good day.

Shopping and jump rope

My husband lost so much weight and his pants are all too baggy. He needed to buy a new pair of jeans. So we went to the premium outlet mall in Aurora today. We prefer the one in Indiana but it takes more time to go there and we didn’t want our corgis to stay in their crates too long. I bought two running shorts – “two-in-one tempo running shorts $19.97 ( regular price $50 ) – 4 pair of light weight running socks – $12.99 for 2 pair ( regular price $15 for 2 pair ) – and a pair of thermal gloves – $4.78 ( regular price $20 )- at the Nike outlet store. My husband also bought the same gloves ( larger size ) and some socks. My husband bought a nice pair of jeans later. I think we had a successful shopping trip πŸ™‚

When we came back home, it was almost 5 pm. It was too late to go to the bike trail so I went to the gym. I ran 4.64 miles. It was a short run but a good one. I felt great. And today, I started a new cross training – jump rope! I did 50 jump ropes at the one corner of the gym which has the soft surface. It was the first time I did it since elementary school and it felt quite awkward πŸ™‚ But I will keep doing until I can do it like a boxer!

This morning, I heard about a corgi named Mocha. His owner is mycorgi.com CEO Sam Tsang. I never met Sam or Mocha but as a member of mycorgi.com, what I read this morning was heartbreaking. Sam’s post about Mocha.Β They are in my thoughts. Β Hope there will be better news about Mocha.