Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Yesterday my husband and I went to the cemetery to say hello to my mother-in-law. She passed away in 2008 and we miss her a lot. She was more like my American mother than just a mother-in-law. I was loved and I loved her. It was raining when we arrived at the cemetery. We put the memorial flower in front of the head stone. I can’t believe it’s been more than 3 years already. Before we went to the cemetery, my husband and I went to the restaurant she used to go. I remember Mother’s day dinners and her smile. The happy memories of her made me sad.. I miss her but I know my husband misses his mother much more than I do. She was a strong woman and a wonderful loving mother.

After we came back home from the cemetery, we took our corgis out for the afternoon walk. Near the end of the walk, Cappy stepped on something and cut her left hinder leg’s paw pad. I couldn’t find what she stepped on but she lifted that leg and her paw pad was bleeding. My husband carried her back home. I checked her paw and cleaned the cut with Betadine. Then I applied the ointment and put a small piece of gauze on her paw. I used a dog sock and tape to cover her paw temporarily. Her injury wasn’t a serious one but still my heart was aching just by the fact that my dog was injured. Later we went to the pet store and bought a roll of vet bandage to replace the dog sock.

She looked at her blue paw sadly for seconds but as soon as we gave her one of new little toys we bought, she went back to her happy self 🙂

We put a rubber boot over the bandage when we took her out at night. Hopefully her paw will heal soon nicely.

Today was the last day of my little break from running. I rested enough and it’s time to run again. From tomorrow, I will follow Hal Higdon’s 16 weeks half marathon training program. I have not decide whether I will run a half marathon or not this fall, but it will be fun to have a structured training program than just running for fitness. And the weekly mileages for the first several weeks of HH’s program are pretty light compare to mine so I can keep my legs from overtraining especially after having a week of no running. Tomorrow, I will run again!!


No running days / Sherlock

I didn’t run the last couple of days because of some problems. First, my right leg’s quad muscle is sore. The last time I ran, I tried to avoid the bugs while I was running. Maybe that changed my gait and put some unexpected stress on my right leg. It is getting better but still feels funny. Then my back began to hurt. On Saturday we bought new sets of drapery and put them up. That day, during the cleaning of the windows and when we changed the curtains, I somehow did something wrong and my lower back started to hurt. Today I got up with a sore throat. In the afternoon, I even had a temperature. So thanks to all the problem my body is experiencing, I didn’t run again today. My body might enjoy these no running days, but my mind is not relaxing at all. I feel anxious. I’m worrying about losing the base I have been building all winter. I know it sounds silly and even if I lose some fitness, I can regain it again without any problem. But still my mind is antsy. But at least our new curtains look great and work really well 🙂

I don’t know why but it seems like the British do better TV. Yes, I’m a big fan of british ‘telly’ dramas. Yesterday, BBC’s Sherlock the first episode of season 2 was aired on PBS. I love this show. Actually Sherlock and Being Human – of course BBC’s original – are my favorite tv shows. I’m a long time Sherlockian. And this is the only adaption I really enjoy. Even though it has modern day settings, it is still really true to the original. I don’t know how Steve Moffat could make Sherlock this brilliantly while he ruined Doctor Who that badly. Maybe Mark Gatiss is the one who really adds the great things to the show 🙂 Anyway, I am so glad PBS shows Sherlock. Why can’t american tv make good shows like this?