Hot day Thursday / Rest day Friday

Yesterday while I was resting after finishing my work in the morning, I remembered I totally forgot to return a book to the library. That made me upset about myself because I hate forgetting things and late fees. To make things worse was it was not just one or two days. I was 7 days late!! 7 bleeping days!! So I went to the library and paid $1.40 for the late fee. Then I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail. It was a very hot day and I planned to go to the gym to do my tempo run. But I just didn’t want to go to the gym. I knew the temperature was already above 85 degrees. But I still went to the trail.

I didn’t bring my corgis with me. It was too hot for them. Before I left the house, I filled my water bottles with ice cubes and cold water. It was hot outside and the sunshine was bright and strong. The ice cubes melted fast. Running in the heat was hard but I had to deal with the strong wind too. The temperature was about 87 degrees and the wind was about 20 mph. Running against the headwind in the cold weather was difficult but in the hot weather it was a different kind of difficult. I ran 5.82 miles but I wasn’t sure I did a good enough tempo run. At the end of the run, I felt like I was melting. Even though I tried my best to keep myself hydrated, I had a slight headache. It was weird because I ran in hotter weather without problems before. I know I’m getting older but to me, it was more mental. I just couldn’t accept this hot weather in May!!

Today was the scheduled rest day. After yesterday’s run, I felt tired and enjoyed today’s rest. It was a much cooler day. I ran on a hot day and rested on a better weather day! My corgis enjoyed today’s afternoon walk. Yesterday, they didn’t want to go far. After the walk Cappy went up to the bench and enjoyed looking outside. Here are some pictures of her.

“Who’s outside??”

“No one is out there…”

“It’s time to take a nap… “


Day 103 – “Rest” day

It was a rainy day and Thursday. And it was my “rest” day. I had a super easy, less running day. I went to the gym in the afternoon and ran 3.31 miles. It was a peaceful run with Bruce Springsteen. I enjoyed this short run. When I had a recovery week, I ran 4+ miles a day but I just couldn’t enjoy a shorter run at all. But today I liked it. Maybe my legs are telling me something? I’m going to have this kind of day more often after I hit the 500 mile mark.

It was a quiet day. My corgis didn’t like walking in the rain. I’m wondering whether we I’ll get 9 inches of snow tonight. Anyway it is a good day to “rest” 🙂