Adoption anniversary…Jeter’s story

Yesterday was Jeter’s adoption anniversary. Three years ago, he came into our lives. I still remember that day we first met him like it was yesterday. We are so lucky to be chosen by him. I don’t remember how we lived before we got him. He is such a wonderful corgi. I think it’s time to tell you about my little captain 🙂

From the time we got married, my husband and I talked about getting a dog many times and went to many dog rescues but somehow we couldn’t find our dog. I always thought the corgi was a cool breed but it is quite hard to see any corgis at a rescue. Then one day in May 2009, everything started when someone offered us a female corgi. A sister of my husband’s coworker found a stray corgi girl on the street and rescued her. My husband’s coworker remembered I liked corgis and told him about that corgi girl. Even though the corgi was in Minnesota, we were kind of prepared to go get her but they decided to keep her. I was disappointed. So was my husband. But that made us determined to get a corgi. We started an online search and found the ‘Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue’ website. There were about 10 corgis available and one of them, an eighteen month old male tri corgi named ‘Corey’ caught my eye. We sent in an application to adopt him but the foster mom suggested another corgi ‘Bowser’ for us. I was a little bit sad because I thought Corey was adopted already.

On June 13th in 2009. we drove to Wausau, Wisconsin from Chicago to meet Bowser. It was a long drive but we were excited and nervous, because the foster mom said “it will be the corgi who will pick you. I can’t guarantee anything.” The moment we arrived at her house, several corgis came to the fence. I could recognize Bowser and Corey among them. We sat in the yard with her and talked about corgis. While she was asking some questions to us, the corgis were coming to us. Bowser was a good corgi but I felt a stronger bond with Corey. He stayed near me and looked at me as if saying “Take ME home.” It was love at first sight.

He is a good looking red-headed tri color corgi.Despite his young age and cuteness, he wasn’t adopted and stayed at the foster home about 6 months. The foster mom thought he could be too much for us, a first time corgi owner, because he had so much energy. That’s why she suggested another one. But after watching him, he is the one we wanted. And he choose us 🙂 (Bowser, a beautiful red and white 2 year-old male was adopted just a few days later)

Before going to Wisconsin we borrowed a dog crate from a friend in case we got a corgi. I remember my little buddy was standing in the crate while we were driving back home. I could see his ears behind the back seat. And I remember how powerfully he pulled the leash when we took him out at the rest stop. He didn’t know how to walk on the leash. He didn’t know any basic commands like ‘sit’. He needed to learn many things. But he is such a smart boy and learned things so fast. Before we took him to the dog obedience class, I taught him so many commands without much trouble. And from day 1, he never chewed anything other than things we allowed him to chew, such as his toys and bones.

After the first night with us

According to the foster mom, his early life wasn’t that great. Rescue people assumed that he was abused, beaten and grabbed by the collar. I still don’t understand how people could have abused this cute little dog. The early days, when we tried to pet his head, he always backed away or turned upside down to prevent being handled. It was so sad to see this little guy acting like that. He wanted to trust people but didn’t know how.

After about 20 days since he was adopted.

We renamed him ‘Jeter’. Yes, that Jeter. Yankees captain Derek Jeter. I am a die-hard Yankee fan and Derek Jeter is my favorite player. He plays hard. He is athletic and classy yet goofy and mischievous sometimes. That was the same feeling I got from my little corgi boy. Even though he has shorter legs than the human Jeter, our Jeter definitely has a cuter butt 🙂

He changed so fast once he came to his forever home. He made us laugh, he made us happier. He is a bundle of joy. He became a happy corgi and a cuddle bug. He amazed many dog owners at the dog park and neighbors by his smartness and blazing speed. His once coarse coat got smooth and soft. He loves us so much. He follows us everywhere we go. He graduated from three dog classes with flying colors as the best student 🙂

Yesterday, he got extra hugs and love. He played with Cappy. And he enjoyed a special treat to celebrate the day he came to us.

“Did you see that?”

“nom nom nom”

I hope he will be always healthy and happy. We love you so much, Jeter!!