Corgis rested, I ran :-)

I ran again today – two days in a row at the Forest Preserve Bike Trail and in the bright sun. I think I got enough Vitamin D 🙂

Today’s run was a corgiless run. Even in the early morning, the sun was strong. That makes it hotter since there are not that much shade on the trail. And Jeter and Cappy still looked a little bit tired after they walked/ran 4.5 miles yesterday. So I let them rest more and drove to the trail. It was about 75 degrees when I started but it felt so much hotter. Leaving my corgis at home was the right decision. If I brought them with me, they would have parked their butts even before the 1 mile mark 🙂 With my iPod on, I started running. I’m still doing walk/ run repeats but today I ran more and actually I ran faster. On Monday morning, the trail was less crowded and more peaceful. I felt pretty good and enjoyed running a lot. I finished my run in just the right time because when I headed back to my car, I smelled cigar. Then I saw a guy was riding a bike smoking a cigar!! I felt sorry for runners behind him. I don’t think what that bike rider was doing was very considerate. It is outdoors but he shouldn’t be selfish like that at other people’s cost. Who wants to inhale someone else’s cigar smoke when you’re out on the trail in the morning for exercise???

Anyway, I ran 4 miles today. It was kind of a ‘pick-me-up’ run and made me happy. My corgis looked happy to see me when I came back home. I think they enjoyed the rest day today. I gave them lots of hugs and kisses and got more from them. It was a good day for me and my corgis.


Ran away from the Muffin Man

Today was a very hot day. The temperature went up to 97 degrees in the afternoon. It wasn’t much cooler in the morning either. At 5am it was already 75 degrees. I wanted to go out to run my Sunday long run early but again I failed to get up. I still went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail later but the temperature was about 10 degrees higher when I started to run – it was 89 degrees when I finished my run but it felt much hotter. The sun was strong but the weather wasn’t the only reason I came back home with no energy left. Today, in the heat, I ran faster than usual thanks(?) to one guy.

I understand some guys like to run shirtless on a hot day like today and some shirtless runners can be eye candy 🙂 But today, after 2.5 miles, two shirtless guys jumped in front of me and started to run. One of them had a very hairy back and he was wearing his shorts low enough to show his buttcrack. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to see. But the real reason which made me run faster to pass them was his jiggling/flapping muffin top. It just threw off my rhythm. So I passed them then his hissing sound of breathing was the problem. I missed my iPod 😦

I ran really hard to be away from him. Hot weather plus running hard made me exhausted. My heart rate went up and I sweated like a leaky faucet. One good thing was that jiggly muffin top man and his buddy were not running fast so I was able to keep some distance. But anyway I ran 6.2 miles today. This was how my second week of my Hal Higdon half marathon training program was completed. I don’t know the Muffin Man and I don’t want to see the shirtless hairy back Muffin Man again!!

When I came back home, Jeter and Cappy licked my face more enthusiastically. I think my face was well seasoned 🙂 I could taste some saltiness from my lips too. I ate scrambled ham and egg which my husband cooked for me and took some rest for a while to cool off. Jeter and Cappy were so excited when I put their leashes on but once they went out, they realized right away it was too hot to have a long walk. Soon their tongue were hanging out and they didn’t want to go far. They looked much happier when I got back into the house. Ahhhh…..nice cool air!! I made their frozen treat and Jeter and Cappy loved cleaning the container I mixed the ingredients in. They put their muzzles together in the small container to lick it. I couldn’t take a good picture of that moment because I only had one hand free and couldn’t grab my phone fast enough. Below is only pic I took. Jeter has some mix on his nose and they both looked crazily focused 🙂


They licked the container in a few seconds. Then they took naps. Sometimes it seems like their life is sweeter than mine 🙂

Mixed bag

My corgis went to the Doggy Dojo – their daycare center – this morning because I had to go somewhere with my husband. When we came back home, it was already after 3 pm. I felt tired and stressed. I wanted to run but didn’t want to go to the gym or run around the neighborhood. I wanted to go to the trail. I usually don’t go to the trail later in the afternoon because of the traffic but today, I wanted to go there anyway. The weather was nice again. When I got to the parking lot, it was a bit overcast but after 2 miles, the sunshine was back. There were many people out at the trail but the atmosphere was different than the trail in the morning. I prefer to go there in the morning but still it was good to be out there. I ran 4 miles. It was a short and easy run and a stress buster. I could’ve ran more but I didn’t because I will come back again tomorrow morning. And I wanted to go back home without being stuck in the rush hour traffic.

My husband went to the Doggy Dojo and picked Jeter and Cappy up. They looked so tired from playing with their doggy friends all day. I don’t think they will want to go out and run with me tomorrow 🙂

Almost everyday, I’m inspired by my DailyMile friends. Their love and dedication for running are simply amazing. They are walk the walk, this case I should say ‘run the run’? 🙂 , not talk the talk. The blogs I’m following now are the inspirations for me too. But I will stop reading a certain blog which is preachy, judgmental and full of rationalization and an exaggeration of what that blogger is doing. Life is too short to waste time and energy for that kind of thing.

I don’t like the way the Yankees played tonight’s game. Girardi stinks. There are too many players in the 25 man roster this year who will never earn the pinstripes from me. And seriously, Flaherty needs to go away from the broadcasting booth. I think I’m getting grumpy again!

Brick day & dine out

This morning I felt really sluggish. I thought about having another rest day, but I didn’t. The rest day is for the day I’m really really sick. The rest day should be scheduled as an important part of the training program. So, today shouldn’t be a rest day. That’s why I went to the gym and exercised.

I have a DM friend who is a triathlete and training for her triathlon. I saw the word ‘brick’ so many times in her training log. A “brick” workout, in the triathlon community, is a bike ride followed immediately by a run. I’m not a triathlete but I can use this term too because that’s what I did today. I planned to ride a stationary bike only today. But it was so boring. Boring to tears. And after 5 miles on a bike, I started to get annoyed by a boy who was talking endlessly and so loudly while doing a stepper behind me. I saw that boy several times before. First of all, even though he is with an adult, I don’t know that the young boy should be allowed to use the gym equipment. And someone should teach that boy to shut up and exercise in the gym. Not to mention that on a stepper, bending to the side too much and literally hanging onto and leaning under the handrails is not safe at all too. That boy’s voice is so loud and shrill! I really need to learn a magic spell to shut people up. Even with my iPod on, I could hear him. Being bored and annoyed at the same time, I ended my bike workout at 7.04 miles. I immediately moved to a treadmill at the opposite side of that boy. I ran 3.12 miles quickly. That was my brick workout today. It wasn’t planned, it was the result from the boredom and being annoyed but at the end I can see the merit of the two exercises combined. Anyway I was glad I didn’t skip the gym and got my workout done.

My husband feels much better. We went out for dinner. Our favorite brunch spot ‘Katie’s kitchen’ opens for dinner on Friday night. We thought about trying their dinner menu but never did it before today. I ordered fish and chips and my husband got a grilled salmon, mashed potato, and a cup of clam chowder. We also ordered an appetizer – coconut shrimp. Overall the verdict of today’s dinner was ‘disappointed’. Their brunch is excellent, but the dinner items we got today were not. Coconut shrimp and clam chowder were blah, my fish and chips was too salty. My husband said his salmon was good but nothing special. Maybe we will try one more time but I think this restaurant is a good place for brunch but not for dinner.

Day 124 – A jerk ruined my focus

It was an easy day. But I had a hard time focusing on running for a while because I was so upset.

The weather was nice. I went to the trail earlier than yesterday and the temperature was lower than yesterday’s record breaking 80s. But before I went there, on the way to the train station I had a bad experience involving a stupid jerky idiot driver. His car was parked and he pulled away from the curb fast without looking. Our car was already passing by that car when the idiot almost hit into the back seat of our car. I speeded up and avoided the accident. But I heard that idiot beep at us. What?? If there was anyone who should beep, it should be me, not him! But that wasn’t the end. He drove his car next to us and cursed. What’s wrong with this jerk?? He IS the one who did wrong! I was upset because I didn’t yell back at him enough.

I tried to calm down. I kept talking to myself “Let it go. Forget about this. My car didn’t get hit and no one was injured.” But I got so upset and couldn’t focus on running. My head was filled with anger and rage during the first mile. That didn’t help to loosen up my muscles. I couldn’t control my breathing. So I stopped and sat down. I cried a little to release my anger. If I was the one who did wrong, I wouldn’t be that angry. Anyway, having a short break and talking on the phone with my husband helped a lot. I decided to have an easy day. My mind was already exhausted by the bad energy and my legs felt a little bit tired from yesterday’s 7 miles. I finished my run at 3.72 miles.

These days, an ignorant ‘attitude’ and stupidity is often enhanced with rudeness., many times living in this world as a smart and nice person feels like a big disadvantage which requires you to put up with too much even when you shouldn’t.

Day 111 – shut up and do your workout

It was my scheduled easy day. I slept more last night and my legs felt much better. But I still felt some effect from the speed work I did on Wednesday. I will see how my legs feel tomorrow and think about the Sunday long run. Today I ran 3.39 miles at a super easy pace. Knowing that what I need to do today is running only 3 miles made my run easier even before I started.

The gym was crowded and there were many people who don’t know basic gym etiquette. More than 4 members were talking on their cell phones more than 15 minutes while doing their “exercise” – I don’t know you can call that ‘exercise’ though. Too many people didn’t leave after their workouts and stayed next to their friends who were still exercising and chatted loudly forever. They were annoying as hell but I kind of learned to ignore them and used my iPod to block their yammering. So I ran 3 miles without getting annoyed that much and started the cool down. That’s when I was really ticked off. Near the end of the cool down, an intelligence-challenged looking man came to me out of nowhere and said something to me. I was wearing the earphones so I didn’t know he was talking to me. Then I saw his finger was pointing at the control panel of the treadmill I ran on, so I took out one side of my earphones. I thought he was asking me how long will I use that treadmill. But he was jibber-jabbering weird things. I made an annoyed look and put the earphone back in. I didn’t know why that man came to bother me. If he didn’t go away, I would’ve yelled at him. Somehow he kind of ran away to the stairs. I finished my run and was getting ready to leave. That’s when the guy who was walking on a treadmill next to me asked me if I have a boy friend. What’s going on here??? Why did these bs things happen to me today???

At my age, getting hit on might be a flattering thing. But that was not how I felt. It was creepy and unpleasant. I was upset. I grabbed my back pack and left. I should’ve said something to him?? Maybe. But I just didn’t want to talk to him. I didn’t want to deal with it. When I came back home, I called my husband and told him what happened. He said if he was there he would take care of the creep.

Maybe I need to change the times I go to the gym. One of DM friends suggested I report this incident to the gym but I know so well what this stinky gym staff members would do. They’ll do nothing…or make the situation worse. I don’t want to worry about my safety in the parking lot. There is an old korean saying, “people avoid the shit on the street not because it is scary, but it is dirty”. Yes, I don’t want to get dirty. But really, why don’t people just shut up and do their workout at the gym?? AND leave me alone!

Day 90

I had another easy day. I ran 5.06 miles slowly. I just didn’t feel it today. There was that disgusting shower man and he still washed his face and neck at the water fountain. There was a male staff member who chatted annoyingly and loudly forever. Cleaning guy filled the spray bottle not with disinfectant solution but with water from the water fountain. And most of all, a rude and stupid woman staff member with a sucky attitude was on the phone when I expressed my concern about the shower man. LA Fitness sucks. Really sucks. It was a Bally’s before and this gym was old, dirty, and annoying, but now it’s much worse. Today I really wish I had a treadmill at home so I don’t need to deal with these annoying people. I’m so tired of this yucky gym. I miss warm weather and I miss running outside at the forest preserve trail.

Okay. End of my rant for today. Ugh!!

Anyway I ran and I completed 90% of my project. 10 more days to go.

Day 81

The 4th day of my recovery week. I went to the gym early with my husband. There are good things about going to the gym early. I can finish my run for the day and have a whole day for other things. I don’t need to feel guilty for leaving my dogs in their crates while I go to the gym since they are still sleeping at 5 am. But there are some not so good things too. Of course you need to get up early. I’m not a morning person so it is always hard for my husband to drag me out of the bed:-) And one really bad thing about going to the gym early in the morning is if there is something/someone at the gym that bothers you, that means you start your day with being upset or frustrated. Just like today.

When you think about people going to the gym at 5:30am, you expect to see someone who makes a commitment to exercise. But at our gym, there are members who come to the gym that early just to chat endlessly and loudly. One woman, who comes every morning, is especially bad. What she does at the gym is talk, talk, and talk. She also uses her arms and hands while talking. She exercises only less than 10 minutes with the lowest intensity and after that she spend more than 20 minutes to keep talking. She was at the gym today again. Annoying as hell again. And which made things worse was there were more chatty people today. It was like a National Chatty Wednesday. Chatty Cathys and Clucking Chucks everywhere. The worst one was an old man next to my husband. He was walking slowly and once another guy he knew came next to him, he stopped exercising. He stayed on the treadmill and talked so loudly – almost yelling – for bloody 40 minutes! Ugh!! On my right side, two women on stationary bikes were talking to each other loudly and some other guys in front of us were chatty chatty, too. I had my iPod on but could still hear them. I was so annoyed. I really wanted to yell at their ears “Shut up and do your exercise! Or go home!” My husband was bothered by them, too. I wish I were a witch and could cast silence spells on them. Seriously.

I ran 4.51 miles though. Running while being frustrated was hard. I run to be happy. But that was not the case. Today I needed to clean lots of toxic waste I got from the gym from my mind. My husband walked 3.43 miles. Hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow.

Day 79

The second day of my recovery week. I ran 4.55 miles today. It still feels strange to run less but I kind of enjoyed my easy run until a woman hopped onto the treadmill next to me. Oh my word.. she smelled like a giant raw onion. For the rest of my run, the only thing I did was try to figure out what kind of food you can eat in the morning with tons of raw onions. I learned today the smell of strong raw onion can be as bad as BO or strong perfume. I put her on my gym black list.

Even though there are some members I want to avoid to be near and I need to work on wiping and sanitizing, I still don’t mind going to the gym. Sometimes you can get motivated by watching all kinds of people exercising. Today after I finished my easy run, I watched the class for awhile. One thing I want to try after completing my 100 day project is the group exercise. There are only a few classes that my gym offers, but still I can try. I have been um…a lone wolf, when it comes to exercise at the gym and I feel a little bit awkward just by imagining myself in the group class 🙂

Day 55

Common sense. I think some people just don’t have it. Or do inappropriate things even though they know it’s not right. Which case would be worse?

Today at the gym, I hopped on my favorite treadmill which is located at the end and the next one is out of order 🙂 I turned my iPod on and started to run. There were three step climbers in front of me. They are so popular and always occupied. Usually members who use those climbers sweat a lot and are very good at wiping machines before and after. But today I saw one man who was on one of the climbers and found his behavior very disgusting. He did wipe the machine and wasn’t a loud talker. But what he did was not right and really grinds my gears. – Yes, I stole this line from Peter Griffin 🙂

While I was running I saw him going to the water fountain which is not that far away from me. That’s a common thing you can see. But instead of drinking water, he washed his sweaty face, neck, and arms! What?? Then he went back to the climber and kept exercising. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. The problem was… he did the same thing three more times! And you know what? He drank water from his own water bottle!! So he must consider that water fountain for the members as his own washing sink. Yuck.

After I finished my run, on the way to the parking lot, I talked to a staff member about that man’s behavior. She was shocked and disgusted, too. She said she will report it. I don’t know what the gym will do about it. Maybe they’ll put up a sign? But for my own safety, I will never, ever drink from that water fountain. Well.. I never drank from the water fountain before. You’ll never know what other disgusting things happened when I wasn’t there. I read somewhere that water fountains of hospitals and gyms are not as clean as you wish.

Even while I was disgusted, I still ran 5 miles. Hope my friends are bringing their own water to the gym.