Day 28

It was a busy day for me. We went to several stores last night to avoid the Saturday shopping crowds, we still needed to go to the grocery store and the Costco today. And we took our corgis to the vet for their annual shots(Jeter) and heartworm test(Cappy). We went to our favorite pie store, too. Before I did all these, I went to the gym and ran 4.35 miles.

Saturday morning, the gym was crowded. The popular cardio class was filled with people, all the treadmills, the steppers, and elipticals were occupied. When the gym is this crowded, I sometimes get annoyed by other members but that was not the case this morning. Today I actually was motivated by runners next to me and thanks to them my running felt easier. On my left, a woman and a man were doing speedwork together. They were moving so rhythmically and even though they were much faster than me, I could move my feet along with their rhythm. When they finished their running and left, a guy on my right started to run and his tempo was just right with my pace 🙂 It felt like running with your runners’ club members. I enjoyed running quite a lot today. Thank you fellow gym members.

After I came back home, we took Jeter and Cappy to the vet. They were so excited when we were near the vet’s office. Somehow they think the vet’s office is like a fun place where they can get extra love. They love our vet Dr. Andy and he loves our corgis, too. Today Jeter got his annual Bordetella and Leptospirosis vaccines. Giving him two shots was a piece of cake. I’m so proud of my Jeter. And Dr. Andy took care of a small cyst on Jeter. I found a small lump on him recently and worried about it in case it turneed out to be skin cancer. But our vet said we don’t need to worry about it 🙂 He showed me what/how to get rid of the cyst if it happens again.

Cappy’s heartworm test was negative. But she needs to take an anti-inflammation pill per day for 2 weeks. Recently, especially after she played hard, she would favor her left hinder leg. It’s like her leg fell asleep and after a few steps she walks/runs/plays without any problem. Our vet tested her legs for a while and said maybe she has a slight inflammation on her patella. Not serious at all but we we’re told to discourage her to jump. And she is not a fat dog but since she has a long body, we need to keep her at a healthy weight. Less treats for you little girl!

After having a busy day, I enjoyed a delicious dinner and just finished a piece of really good pumpkin pie we got from ‘Hoosier Mama’. This little pie shop rocks. The best pumpkin pie ever. Yum yum yum.

As of today I completed my 4th week (30.05 miles). Keep going!