Day 101 – Paczki Day

It was cloudy, raining/sleeting and quite wet outside this morning. My corgis came back home from the morning walk and boy, their bellies and legs were so muddy! So it was not a good day for running outside for me and I went back to the gym. After two days of running outside, treadmill running felt easy. I ran 5.32 miles and it was a nice and easy run. After completing my 100 day project yesterday, I thought about running less today. But there was one reason which made me run at least 5 miles. It was Paczki Day. I needed to run to feel less guilty later 🙂

Before I went to the gym, I went to Roeser’s bakery to pick up the Paczki we ordered Sunday. Just like last year, the Fox News’ tv truck was there. Just like last year, there were many people in the bakery to get the sweet Paczki. While I was waiting, Fox News Chicago’s Patrick Elwood and a cameraman came in. Uh oh. They looked around at the people to find good interviewees for their morning news live report. Uh oh again. Because I knew they would find me quite interesting..or at least different than the usual Paczki Day interviewees. Even though Paczki Day is not only for Polish Americans nowadays, but still I was the only Asian in the bakery. He can ask me “how do you know about Paczki? Since when?” kind of questions. And I was also the only one who wears gym clothes. As I expected, they kept trying to make eye contact with me. But I didn’t want to be on TV and moved toward the back. Haha. You know what? I’m shy!! 😉

The Packzi we got today were 1 custard with chocolate icing, 1 custard filled, 1 lemon filled, 2 with pineapple fillings, and 2 with strawberry filling. Tonight, my husband ate the chocolate custard one and I ate the other custard one. They were so tasty!! And we shared the lemon filled one. Yum!

These are Paczki we got 🙂

Btw, in case you don’t know what a Paczki are, they are um… you can say Polish doughnuts. They are similar to American jelly filled doughnuts. Yes, they are an ultimate guilty pleasure!!