Beautiful day to run with my corgis

You don’t expect to have a nice sunny Saturday morning with the temperature around the low 60’s that often in August. So if you have that kind of weather, you should go out and enjoy it. That’s what we did this morning. It was the perfect day to run with my corgis 🙂

My husband and I went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail with our corgis this morning. It was 61 degrees at the trail when we started. Jeter and Cappy were full of energy. They didn’t get a chance to run with me since last Sunday. They loved the cooler air. From the start, Cappy was like an Olympics sprint runner. She must have been inspired by Usain Bolt 🙂 Usually I manage to make her walk some as the warm up before we start to run, but today it was impossible for me to stop her from running. So I shortened the warm up walk and ran with her. Even though I’m more of a penguin runner, I was able to run with a faster pace today and Cappy looked so happy. She looked as if every hair on her body was trembling with the great joy of running. I don’t remember when was the last time I ran this hard. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t worry about myself while I was running this morning but I should admit that it actually felt great.

“Daddy, give us some treats!!!”

Cappy wanted to keep running and she wanted to run fast. Usually, when the temperature was higher than today, she would start to slow down after 2-3 miles of run/walk repeats, but today wasn’t that case. Jeter wanted to run too. So for awhile I took his leash too and ran with two corgis. But our sweet Jeter went back to my husband and walked with him later. He didn’t want his beloved Daddy to walk alone 🙂 Cappy checked on my husband too. Every time she couldn’t see my husband and Jeter because of the curved trail, she wanted go back. So we actually ran back and forth several times 🙂 My total mileage for today was 4.6 miles. Cappy ran pretty well even at the end of the run. My legs felt great and breathing was good. It was the best run for me in weeks and I felt like being a runner again!

“Cappy and I had a great time today!! “

When they came back home, they enjoyed the homemade frozen treat and rested on their clean doggy beds. I had a big doggy related laundry day yesterday. Washing and drying 5 dog beds, 3 crate pads, 3 blankets, and some more doggy related things was not a piece of cake. But the more labor intensive part was getting rid of all of their hairs which were embedded in their beds/blankets/pads and refused to be removed. I needed to vacuum the floor first very thoroughly before I tackled the dog hair removal task – and vacuumed again after. Then I used the Dyson, a lint roller and my hands to pick up dog hairs as much as I could before I put them into the washer. It took so much time, effort and patience. Human laundry is much easier! 🙂 Of course I washed my corgis’ beds and blankets many times before, but never washed everything on the same day. I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday. Once those agonizing pre-wash tasks were done, I did 3 loads of laundry. Jeter and Cappy looked lost while all of their beds were gone 🙂 After I put the beds together I put them on the floor, my corgis jumped on them right away before I could put them where they usually placed. I think they missed their beds 🙂

“Don’t take away our beds again!!!!”

We turned off the air conditioner again today and opened the windows. It felt good to enjoy the fresh air. ( the only downside to this are the loud neighbors.) Hope this kind of nice weather stays a few more days. ( But wish the neighbors would quiet down!)