Spa day & lakefront run

My corgis needed a good bath. We clean their paws every time they come back from a walk and I bathe them when they got really dirty. I also use a FURminator. But once in a while, they go to the groomer’s and enjoy the doggy spa time. Today was the spa day for Jeter and Cappy. Last week I called the ‘Bark Bark Club’ to schedule their bath & brush appointment. It’s a bit of a drive to go to BBC but they do a really good job and the groomers love my corgis. When I tried to find a good dog groomer, I found out that some groomers don’t know about the corgi breed. BBC groomers knew about corgis and they got so many good reviews. It’s been about 3 years since I first took Jeter there and I am always satisfied with their job. And Jeter and Cappy love to go there too.

This morning, after I dropped my husband off, I took my corgis to BBC. Then I drove to the lakefront to run. It was such a beautiful day. It felt different running along the lakefront. There are always many runners, walkers and bike riders. You can feel their energy more. I love the Forest Preserve Bike Trail but you can’t beat the Chicago skyline and the lake. The lakefront was the place I ran before. I mean BC, Before Corgis 🙂 I took Jeter to the lakefront a couple of time but the lakefront is a better place to run when I run by myself. It is narrower, more crowded, and no shade. I feel much more comfortable with my corgis at the Forest Preserve Bike Trail. So today was my chance to enjoy the lakefront. I planned to run about 2 miles. But I ended up running 4.5 miles. It felt great and the lake was so beautiful. I just didn’t want to stop. I couldn’t resist. My quad was good. No soreness at all 🙂 I still coughed several times but not that bad. I was aware that I didn’t run many miles recently so I tried not to give too much stress to my legs. That was why I stopped at 4.5 miles. I wish I could have run more though. But the thing is I had a good run. And that made me happy.

After the run, I came back home and cleaned my corgis many beds. After I took a shower, I got a phone call from BBC. “Jeter and Cappy are ready.” I went there and picked them up. My corgis look/smell so nice.

My happy, clean, and nice smell corgis 🙂

When we came back home, Jeter and Cappy fell asleep.

Sleeping beauty Cappy.  (Jeter was sleeping in his ‘sanctuary’ crate)

I think they enjoyed their doggy spa day just as much as I enjoyed my lakefront run 🙂