Sunday family exercise

My husband and I like to go to the trail on the weekend. But yesterday, it was too hot and humid even early in the morning. And I felt quite tired after I came back from the gym on Friday.(I walked/ran 2.2 miles that day.) I think I’m still not strong enough to run two days in a row. I need to remember it will take time to build the endurance back and I shouldn’t rush or try to do too much too soon. Today, the weather was much cooler than yesterday but I still couldn’t get up as early as I wanted. I didn’t feel good and had no energy. So my husband let me sleep more and took Jeter and Cappy out. They went to the nearby park and walked 1.5 mile. When they came back, I felt a little bit better thanks to the extra sleep. It was still early and the temperature was not that bad so we decided to go to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail.

It was a sunny, beautiful morning. There were more people out at the trail. I think many people were inspired by watching the Olympics 🙂 My corgis were so excited for getting extra exercise. After some walking warm up, I started to run with Cappy. Jeter was walking with my husband but he wanted to run too. So I took Jeter’s leash and ran with two corgis. I was happy and so were my corgis 🙂 But they got tired faster. That was understandable because it was their second workout this morning and the temperature went up thanks to the strong sun. I gave them a couple of water breaks but after 2.75 miles, what they wanted to do was rest under the tree. Dragging them in the sun another quarter mile to the car wouldn’t be a good thing. So my husband stayed there with Jeter and Cappy and I went to the car and drove back to them. They were glad to get in the car 🙂 We shared a banana with them and gave them more water. It was another good Sunday family exercise. My mileage for today was 3. These are pictures I took during a water break today.

Jeter looks so happy and handsome in this picture.


Our wonderful Sunday.. More good than bad :-)

After my husband and I had a good walk/run on Saturday, we planned to go out to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail again yesterday. I got up a little bit late but the weather was still good enough to run outside. Anyway it was still earlier than the time we went to the trail on Saturday 🙂 Because of what happened to Jeter on Saturday, we were going to leave him at home and only take Cappy. But when I told Jeter to go into his crate, he looked at me so sadly with those begging eyes as if saying “You can’t leave me here alone!! My leg is okay! Take me with you!! Pleeeeeeease!!!!” How could I say no to that face. And his left front leg seemed to be okay. I talked to my husband about him and we decided to take him too. But we limited his exercise only to walking and in case he showed any problem, we would cut the exercise and come back home.

Jeter and Cappy were very happy corgis at the trail. Jeter walked with my husband so nicely and didn’t have any problem 🙂 I walked/ran with Cappy. Boy, she wanted to run like the wind! Since I just got back to running, I tried hard not to run too fast but thanks to her, my pace was much faster than Saturday. Thankfully, my legs endured quite well 🙂 Getting injured is the last thing I want. We did 3 miles and it was a very good family exercise. As usual, Jeter and Cappy got a lot of compliments. I wondered how many people at the trail knew my corgis are the same breed with the Queen’s dogs who appeared in the London Olympic’s opening ceremony 🙂

“We are so happy!!!”

“Whew.. it’s getting hot!”

When we came back home, my corgis went into resting mode right away. We let them rest and went out for brunch. Yesterday, we wanted to go to the restaurant we never been before so our pick was “Country Kitchen” in Highland Park. There is a list of good brunch places by Chicago magazine which my husband found and printed. The Country Kitchen was one of many restaurant on that list. But it was not worth the drive. Okay price, meh food. I ordered the french toast and it was insipid. Pancakes and sausage links for my husband was blah. Our waitress was kind of indifferent. There was nothing special about that restaurant. But there seemed to be lots of regulars especially elders. Maybe we ordered the wrong things but anyway, we will not make a special trip to go there again.

But our day wrapped up with a great dinner and that made us forget our not that great brunch. My husband cooked Penne Primavera based on Master Chef Joe Bastianich’s recipes from Runner’s World(October 2010). Chef Joe – the son of Lidia (Lidia’s Italy) is a runner too. Since we read that article, we wanted to try his recipes. Yesterday my husband made Chef Joe’s Pomodoro sauce then cooked the beautiful, healthy pasta using lots of fresh veggies and Racconto 8 whole grain Penne Rigate. It was so delicious!!! One of the best pastas I’ve ever had 🙂

Super YUM!!!!

If you want, you can find Chef Joe’s recipes here HERE.

Today was a rest day from running for me. I played with my corgis this morning and once again my patient boy Jeter cooperated with me and I took this goofy picture 😉

That’s it for today. Have a good night!!

Cross training Monday

According to Hal Higdon’s half marathon training program, Monday is always the day for stretch & strength to rest your legs a little bit after running a long run on Sunday. Today I went to the gym with my husband. He couldn’t go to the gym for awhile because of some knee and back problems. We both started our workouts with using the stationary bikes. I did just 3 miles on it because I didn’t want to make my legs too tired. Then I moved to the exercise area and did 500 jump ropes. Every 100, I stopped and did push-ups – easier way – and then squats. After that I went to the weight training area and did several sets of strength training – bicep, triceps, lat pull down, calf, and glutes – using different machines. My husband joined me and did some weight training after riding 6.29 miles on a stationary bike. We didn’t stay at the gym that long but we had a good enough workouts. After we came back from the gym, I did 25 minutes of Pilates ‘breath and stretch’ following a Comcast on demand video. It cleared my head too. I think I did a good enough job today 🙂

My corgis are using the new bench more and more. They go up on it and eat their treats, lie down, look outside the window and bark. They rest or take naps near the bench. I think they like it.


Lounging at the bench during the day


Jeter and Cappy doing the neighborhood crime watch duty

Hope you had a happy Monday!!

Another brick day/muddy to fluffy

It was a long day, and now, my corgis are clean and fluffy, and I’m in a good mood because I had a good day. It is a good Saturday night 🙂

My day started with lots of love from my corgis. After the morning walk, they were so lovey-dovey. They snuggled with us for quite a long time and it was so lovely and nice. When we first got Jeter, he was not much of a cuddle bug. But somehow these days, he became such an affectionate dog. My sweet Cappy sometimes became a squirm bucket but this morning she lay down between us on the sofa and enjoyed being snuggled. We were going to go to the stores but we couldn’t leave the house because they were so cute. Really really cute. It took some time to recover from their cuteness spell. We left the house about 11am. Much later than we planned 🙂

After the brunch, we went to Dick’s sporting goods and bought a new exercise mat and a foam roller. I need them for my training. I wanted to buy one more thing but I couldn’t find the brand I have in mind. Then we went to Costco to find some dog treats. When you’re health conscious, you pick the food you’ll eat carefully. I think when it comes to the food choice, dogs are kind of the same with human infants. They can’t check labels. They eat the foods their parents or guardians/owners choose and give to them. My corgis are dogs but they are an important part of my family. So I always check things very carefully when I buy their food or treats. I don’t buy any treat made in China. I check the ingredients and nutrition information. I check the manufacturer’s record for being recalled. And I check the expiration dates and the packages. You can say I’m picky when it comes to choosing the dog food or treats. If you’re a dog owner, you know dog treats are not cheap. We don’t give a lot of treats to our dogs but we use some for training. And I buy some treats at Costco. Not all the time but sometimes they actually carry some good treats. We were happy when we saw ‘Wet Noses’ organic dog treats and Alaska salmon treats at Costco. But they don’t have them anymore. I was disappointed. Then my husband found ‘Three Dog Bakery’ treats. We loved TDB but the only store in Chicago closed last year. We bought 3 bags of little low fat biscuits for our corgis. I was happy to find their treats at Costco. Yes, small thing like that makes me happy 🙂

After we came back home, we took Jeter and Cappy out for their afternoon walk. We walked 1.7 miles around the neighborhood and it was such a good walk. My original plan was after the dog walk, to go out again and run by myself for a while. But during the walk, my corgis got so dirty. The low riders needed some bath time. Giving them each a bath, blow drying them, and cleaning the fur covered bathroom took a long time and effort. It was a little bit late to go outside to run. So, I went to the gym again. The gym wasn’t empty but everybody was into their exercise. It was strangely peaceful. I rode a stationary bike 6 miles and ran 3.32 miles. It was a good ride and a good run. I like a ‘brick’. But still my legs didn’t feel 100 percent. I will have an easy day tomorrow.

Now the corgis are resting happily. And we will finish the last episode of ‘Three Rivers’ on Netflix. I had a good Saturday.

Easy day 2

I’m flirting with a cold. I have chest congestion and cough but not a really serious one. So I was glad I planned to have easy days until Sunday. It was the day I needed to take it easy.

It was much cooler than yesterday. The high temperature was around 50. I went out with my corgis and did a slow run/walk for 3.07 miles. Jeter and Cappy loved the cooler air but they were slower than yesterday. Based on the way they played in the house, they were already recovered enough from yesterday’s little run. I think they were just bored. They looked so much happier when I took them to the Forest Preserve Trail. Jeter especially didn’t get that excited about going around the track at the park near our house. Sometimes he looked at me with a grumpy face as if saying ” I don’t like running around this boring track!” 🙂 Today was the same. I needed to bribe them to go on.

I thought about going to the gym to spend some time on a stationary bike but my husband came back home early. He isn’t feeling well. I needed to give myself a break not to be sick more, and I wanted to be with him. So, I didn’t go to the gym. I will go there tomorrow. I lay down with him and Jeter and Cappy joined us on the bed. They know daddy is not feeling well. I love holding their warm furry bodies. It gave me such a soothing feeling 🙂

Day 113 – long run day

Today was the scheduled long run day. It was the first one since I started running again. I didn’t know what to expect. I never ran more than 6+ miles on a treadmill. But it turned out to be a quite good run and I was happy about it.

My goal mileage for today was 8 miles. After the warm up, I maintained my 8K pace(6 mph). Just like yesterday, my legs felt good. My breathing and HR were good too. It felt more like a meditation than a run. I ran 8.15 miles and I could’ve ran more if I wanted to do. My husband went to the gym with me and walked on a treadmill a little but he experienced the discomfort in his foot again 😦 But he walked around the indoor track several times while he was waiting for me.

After we came back home, I enjoyed watching a spring training baseball game. Then I took a sweet nap in the afternoon. Tomorrow will be an easy run day. I’m having good running days these days 🙂

Day 98

It was a very beautiful day to run outside. Sunny and not that cold. But I didn’t go out to run. I wanted to. But I went to the gym. Because I didn’t want to worsen my symptoms. I’m not 100% yet. I want to finish my 100 day project strong. Not this way. So I need to make myself better. That’s why I went to the stinky gym. Not into the sunlight.

I ran 5.11 miles. I felt much better than yesterday. But my husband had some foot problem. After 0.75 miles of walking, he stopped and moved to the stationary bike. He did 11.75 miles on a bike. After we came back home, he had a sudden pain around his hip. Hope he doesn’t have any serious problem. I just want him to be healthy and happy. And he has lost 15 lbs. since January 8th!

Anyway, the 14th week and the last full week was completed(37.28miles). Only 2 days to go.

Day 97

It was a hard day. Actually it was the hardest day since I started my 100 day project. Last night I didn’t feel good so I took the medicine and went to bed early. This morning I was so tired and sleepy. After I took my husband to the CTA train station, I came back home instead going to the gym. I just couldn’t do it. I needed to sleep/rest more. After couple of hours of sleep, I went to the gym. But still I didn’t feel it. I thought about just doing 3 miles. The first mile was really hard. But somehow I managed to run 3 miles. Then I started to feel a little better so I did some more. My mileage for today was 4.07 miles. That was a lot for me today. I’m proud of myself for not giving up. That’s one reason I should have another specific goal. I know me. Once I have a certain goal, I tend to be stuck on it. Without my 100 day project, today would be the idle day and I would be lazy for more days. And I know how dangerous those ‘few’ days of rest could be. That’s how I didn’t run more than a year – well… almost two years.

My husband got his hair cut and he looks so cute! And he’s eating more healthy food these days. I love to see him eating salads:)

Day 95

My husband succeeded in waking me up this morning again. So we went to the gym early in the morning. I felt tired at first but started to feel better in the second half. I ran 5.41 miles. My husband walked 3.43 miles. I think we had good enough exercise to burn the calories from the apple turnovers we had last night:-)

It’s day 95 and I’m still feeling quite good. One thing I worried about when I started my 100 day project was getting injuries like shin splints or ITBS because I have not had any real rest day. But so far I didn’t have any kind of injury problem, knock on wood. Maybe I have been babying myself too much? Or I have been doing it right. Hopefully, it’s the latter. My project is to build a sturdy endurance base for running more, better, and wiser. So let’s get this project done without any injury. That’s what I’m focusing on now. 5 more days to go to accomplish my first goal!

Today, my corgis were sleeping a lot. I took a picture of Cappy. She still looks like a puppy when she’s sleeping:-)


Day 94

I don’t like the Valentine’s Day commercial hype. My husband feels the same. Maybe we’re getting too old to get excited about Valentine’s Day. Or we don’t need to have a certain day to express our love for each other. Anyway, we started the day with a date. Going to the gym at 5:30am date:-) We got a nice Valentine’s Day gift, too. The most annoying Chatty Cathy wasn’t there today!! Her friends were still chatty but not as annoying as her. That made our morning quite pleasant. I ran 5.31 miles and my husband walked 3.43 miles. We came back home and shared a croissant and some fresh squeezed orange juice and extra hugs and kisses. That’s a good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I don’t like candy. I don’t like chocolate. I have a wonderful husband. He’s the sweetest thing for me in the world. That’s more than enough sweetness for me.

It was snowing lightly. And the temperature went up a little bit. It was good for my corgis because all the salt on the sidewalk was melted and gone. Since the last snow, the sidewalks were covered with salt. That irritates my corgis paws. Last night when we took them out for the night walk, Cappy had some problem on one of her paw and started to walk on three legs. I usually put the doggie boots on them but last night I thought they would be okay without boots. My poor little girl looked so miserable. So my husband carried her home. She looked happy in Daddy’s arms. But she is not a 7lb puppy any more:-) Today after all the salt was gone, she didn’t have any problem. I hate to see my corgis lift their feet because of salt.

So that was day 94. Another good day for love.