Things that changed

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a post on my blog. Hope you were doing well while I was MIA 🙂 There are some things that changed. I will tell you about them.

First of all, I recovered slowly but surely from the effect of the sudden chill I had. After shivering severely and uncontrollably for more than an hour, every muscle in my body got sore. Especially my legs muscles. It took some time for my hamstrings and quads to feel better enough to run again. Still my quads are not 100 percent so I’m doing easy, short runs every other day and going to increase the distance gradually before I resume my training – I had a couple of 1+ miles runs around the neighborhood this week with my corgis. I think I can run like before again sooner rather than later.

We bought a new car. It is our first hybrid car 🙂 Our new car is Toyota Prius V(pronounced Prius Vee) which is larger than a regular Prius. It is about the size of a small SUV. Our 9 years old SUV was still a good car but we wanted a more fuel efficient/eco friendly car. We traded our car in and got this Vee. There are three levels of Vee – 2, 3, and 5 – and what we got is a Vee 5. Driving the Vee is quite different than driving our old SUV. It made us drive slowly and safely. Even though the Vee doesn’t have the same power, we are enjoying the excellent gas mileage, modern technology, and the roomy inside. Jeter and Cappy seem to enjoy the new car too. I especially love listening to Pandora radio while I’m driving. Using a smart phone via bluetooth for the internet connectivity is so cool 🙂 The owners manual sucks so much and needs to be improved a lot though.

Our house has a deck but we didn’t spent much time out there. The builder completed our deck after we moved in 7 years ago. We were not satisfied the way it looked and even requested to replace some boards but they didn’t keep their word. In recent years, our deck was getting worse and worse. Several boards were rotten and getting so unsafe. Every neighbor has the same deck problem. A couple of weeks ago, when I came back from running, I saw a handyman’s van in the driveway. They were working on a neighbor’s deck. They were kind and seemed to know what they were doing. I got their business card and later asked our neighbor about their work. Then we decided to hire them to get our deck done. Yesterday they came to our house and worked on our deck and one more thing. I love our new deck! They did a great job. Jeter and Cappy played out on the deck. (I didn’t let them go out before.) I think I need to find an elevated outdoor dog bed for them 🙂

The management company sealed the driveway last week and we need to paint our garage door and the front door before the end of this month. We planned to go to get the right paint today but this morning we saw a guy painting the front door of the next house. I talked to one of our neighbors and found out the same guy will paint her house door too. So my husband and I talked to the guy and decided to hire him. Instead of going to the paint store and paint around the house in the hot weather, we enjoyed a good brunch at Walker Bros and spent more time with our corgis.

Next week, I will run a little bit more but I will not rush. And maybe you will read my new blog post more often 🙂