My Patient Corgis – stage II : stack up :-)

After I posted pictures of my corgis with doggy biscuits on them yesterday, there was a comment from one of my Facebook friends suggesting to stack biscuits. So I did that today and I know I’m goofy 🙂 Thank you to my sweet corgis again for their patience and cooperation!!

There are 6 milk bones on top of Jeter’s head. Making Jeter sit still wasn’t difficult at all but staking the biscuits up was a little bit tricky since the biscuits are big and there is not much of a flat spot on Jeter’s head. Every time the biscuits slipped down, Jeter looked at me as if saying “Mommy, you’re all thumbs!!!” 😉 But anyway I made it and I was able to take several pictures with my camera and phone. Jeter loved this corgi Jenga because he got some yummy salmon treats 🙂 He looked so relaxed.

“Meditation… Jenga style!”

I used other doggy cookies too. Once again, it was not that difficult to do with my patient boy Jeter 🙂 There are 5 round “Wet Noses” cookies on top of his head.

“Piece of cake!!!”

“Can you do this too??”

I played this game with Cappy too, but she needs more practice. She was more interested in dropping the cookies to eat them 🙂 This is the only picture I took with 3 cookies(not 2 cookies. The bottom one was hidden in her fur) on top of her head.

“When can I eat these????”

And this is a bonus picture. I took this with my phone in the car on the way back home – my husband was driving and I took this when the car was stopped. I think Cappy would like this picture more than the one above 🙂


Recent pictures of my corgis

These are the pictures of my corgis I took these days. Enjoy!

Last Saturday, while it was raining outside, my boy Jeter was falling asleep on the window bench. He looked so cute and peaceful 🙂

Sleeping Prince 🙂

When Jeter woke up and finally came down from the bench, Cappy went up there. She posed like a professional model and wanted me to take her picture 🙂

“It’s my turn! Take a good picture of me, Mommy!!”

Last Sunday was the birthday of Jeter’s foster mom who is also a reputable breeder and the owner of Cappy’s mom Vanilla. Cappy sent her a big birthday corgi kiss on behalf of all of us 🙂

“Happy Birthday!!”

When I give some treats or the food, my corgis always wait until I say “Okay” They are such good, patient pups 🙂 I often learn from them to be patient. Today I played the “patience game” with them. I used low value treats (milk bones) for these pictures – people can see them easier because of the size and shape – but they can also be good with high value treats. Yes, I’m bragging about my corgis 🙂

My patient corgi Jeter 🙂

Cappy is still a little bit nervous when I put something on her left paw and she moves her head too much for me to put anything on her nose but she is trying hard to be patient. If you know how much she LOVES to eat, you can imagine how much effort she is putting in 🙂

“I need to hypnotize myself.. These are NOT biscuits… these are NOT biscuits!!!”

I don’t know how I lived before without my precious corgis 🙂