Day 88

I failed to get up early again:( My husband tried to wake me up at 5 am but I couldn’t get up. I stayed up late last night. There were so many chatty monkeys in my head. I felt tired this morning. But as usual, running made me feel much better. That’s why so many people run.

At the gym, I hopped on a treadmill. It felt a little funky but I didn’t mind that much. I stayed and did my 5 minutes of walking warm up. But when I started to run, that treadmill was so shaky. It felt like I was running in a kids moon jumpers. I couldn’t stay. So I moved to another one and resumed my run. I ran in rhythm. My mileage for today was 6.25 miles. It was another good running day.

Today I had a good lunch with my old friends. Two of them said they started to run recently. I was glad to hear that. I’m not the only one who’s running:)