Things that happened to my corgis lately

During the last couple of days, my corgis had a great day at the doggy daycare, a happy time at the vet’s office then the pet store, peaceful weekend days with us, and a bad moment of getting attacked by a crazy neighborhood dog. This is the story of what happened to my corgis since I wrote my last blog post.

Jeter fell asleep on the sofa

“I played so hard today…. “

On July 20th, Jeter and Cappy went to the Doggy Dojo. They were already so excited when I parked my car in front of DD. It’s been awhile since they went there so it was understandable for their being super excited. But, I’d rather see my corgis being a little bit calmer. Later in the afternoon, they came back home exhausted 🙂 They had their dinner and fell asleep. Jeter was on the sofa and Cappy was on the floor. She was too tired to jump up on the sofa or even go on one of their doggy beds 🙂 They were so slow when we took them out for the night walk. They wanted to go back home to sleep. The beauty of the doggy daycare center 🙂

The next day, we took them to the vet’s office. Cappy needed to get her rabies shot. This time Dr. Andy gave her a 3-year vaccine. Jeter got his regular heartworm test and it turned out negative. Dr. Andy said they both are wonderfully healthy. But they need to lose some weight. Since I stopped running because of Pneumonia, they didn’t get enough exercise and that made them gain some weight. Anyway, they behaved so well at the vet’s office. There was a really cute husky puppy at the office named “Walter” and they played with him nicely. And they stayed calm with a big Bernese Mountain dog too. After the vet’s office visit, we went to the PetSmart to get somethings. Many people over there were smiling at our corgis. Jeter and Cappy showed some of their tricks to the people and got so many “Awww… so cute!!” compliments 🙂 And they sat and waited nicely while we were paying. A woman who was behind us was so impressed and wanted to pet Jeter. He got some extra love and that made him a very happy corgi. When we were ready to leave the parking lot, we saw another corgi coming out of the store. I waved to that corgi’s owners and they smiled back. I’m always happy to see another corgi. When we came back home, Jeter and Cappy fell asleep right away. They were still a little bit tired from Friday’s all day playing at the DD, and they had so much excitement and mental stimulation from the vet’s office and the store. The rest of the day went nicely. But we had an unexpected bad experience at night and it still makes me so angry

On Saturday night, we were walking Jeter and Cappy and everything was good. But our peaceful night walk was interrupted by a mad mutt bitch named Yancy who ran away from her house. She ran towards to us at full speed and attacked Jeter. I think Yancy picked Jeter because at that time Cappy was standing behind me. It happened too fast for us to stop that dog. Jeter was trying to protect himself but Yancy didn’t stop. I got really furious and yelled “NO!!!!” at Yancy. I didn’t touch her but all of a sudden she backed down immediately with her tails between her legs and froze. I think she could feel my fury. I grabbed her collar until the owner came. He apologized several times and Jeter seemed to be okay but lost some of his fur. But that doesn’t mean I was okay. I saw Yancy go crazy many times before. She is very dog aggressive. But her owner is kind of in denial. She needs to get some proper, serious training. Yancy was lucky that night. If she didn’t back down immediately, I would do anything to save my Jeter. I can be very scary when it comes to protecting my loved ones!! That night, Jeter seemed to be okay but I was the one who couldn’t sleep because of the anger and some regret. I should’ve tackled Yancy like a football player before she attacked my boy!!

“Don’t worry. Jeter is okay. Mommy saved him from the crazy dog!!!”

Thankfully, even after that incident Jeter still keeps his cool. He didn’t get nervous around other dogs. I am so glad to see him like that. Since that night, I haven’t seen or heard the crazy Yancy when I walk near her house. Maybe at last the owner realized his dog’s problem and kept her on the second floor or did something. Usually, every time any dog was passing by that house, Yancy would go crazy and through herself violently into the glass part of the front door. The wood blinds of the front door are already destroyed by her. I always worried that she will break the glass of the front door to get outside someday and wondered why the owner keeps her on the first floor like that. Hopefully, this kind of incident will never happen to my corgis again.

Recently, they have been having good, uneventful days. They hung out on the stairs, got some treats for doing tricks, did some neighborhood watching on the window bench, and of course enjoyed corgi napping 🙂 These are some pictures of them from the last few days.

Cappy’s various poses of sleeping 🙂

One of Jeter’s favorite nap spots 🙂

“This is my favorite pillow”


Mixed bag

My corgis went to the Doggy Dojo – their daycare center – this morning because I had to go somewhere with my husband. When we came back home, it was already after 3 pm. I felt tired and stressed. I wanted to run but didn’t want to go to the gym or run around the neighborhood. I wanted to go to the trail. I usually don’t go to the trail later in the afternoon because of the traffic but today, I wanted to go there anyway. The weather was nice again. When I got to the parking lot, it was a bit overcast but after 2 miles, the sunshine was back. There were many people out at the trail but the atmosphere was different than the trail in the morning. I prefer to go there in the morning but still it was good to be out there. I ran 4 miles. It was a short and easy run and a stress buster. I could’ve ran more but I didn’t because I will come back again tomorrow morning. And I wanted to go back home without being stuck in the rush hour traffic.

My husband went to the Doggy Dojo and picked Jeter and Cappy up. They looked so tired from playing with their doggy friends all day. I don’t think they will want to go out and run with me tomorrow 🙂

Almost everyday, I’m inspired by my DailyMile friends. Their love and dedication for running are simply amazing. They are walk the walk, this case I should say ‘run the run’? 🙂 , not talk the talk. The blogs I’m following now are the inspirations for me too. But I will stop reading a certain blog which is preachy, judgmental and full of rationalization and an exaggeration of what that blogger is doing. Life is too short to waste time and energy for that kind of thing.

I don’t like the way the Yankees played tonight’s game. Girardi stinks. There are too many players in the 25 man roster this year who will never earn the pinstripes from me. And seriously, Flaherty needs to go away from the broadcasting booth. I think I’m getting grumpy again!

Funeral, thoughts, and running

Going to the funeral always makes me think about what to do for my own funeral. Going to the funeral makes me want to live healthy until I die. It is a sad occasion but it is also a chance to remember and celebrate someone’s life. That’s what I thought again while I was attending the funeral of my husband’s cousin today.

After the funeral, we spent some time with family members at the funeral luncheon. On the way back home, we stopped at an ice cream shop to use the groupon before it expires. Then I went to the gym. My stomach was still full so it wasn’t a perfect time to run but I needed to clear my head. I ran 4.38 miles. And to my surprise, it was the best run in weeks. I felt much better after the run.

To attend the funeral, we took our corgis to the doggie daycare center this morning. While I was at the gym, my husband went to Doggy Dojo to pick them up. They came back home tired and fell asleep. That’s it for today. That’s how my day went.

Day 121 – Best laid plans…?

I don’t know why but I couldn’t sleep well last night. I was up until 5 am trying to fall asleep. Maybe Daylight Savings Time messed up my body clock? Whatever the reason was, I felt like being a zombie this morning. What I wanted was to go back to the bed and sleep. So my plan was..taking my corgis to Doggy Dojo and have a full day for me. Usually I need to make an appointment at least one day before, but I was able to get them in today without an appointment thanks to DD. After I drove my husband to the CTA train station, I planned to drop my doggies, go back home, take some nap, and go to the gym in the afternoon. But my day didn’t go according to plan 🙂

After I took my corgis to DD, all of a sudden I wasn’t feeling that tired. So instead of going back home, I went to the store and bought some veggies and food. Then I went to the gym and ran 4.57 miles. Yesterday, it was such a gorgeous day but today was damp and cloudy. It was still warm but the rain was on and off. And there was the weather forecast of possible hail and heavy storm showers too. I didn’t want to go out to run in the warm rain or hail, especially when the pain in my left side didn’t go away completely yet. It’s getting better and I’m about 85% but I still need to be careful.

Running wise, today was better. I could run a little bit faster to test the water. It went well and I didn’t feel the pain during most of the run. This week is supposed to be the peak week before the 2012 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K, but I’m going to make it as my “come back” week. I’ll increase the weekly mileage back to above 35 miles but I will skip the speed work. By the way, the gym was like a sauna today. There must be something wrong with the temperature control. It was way warm and humid. Even the slowest walkers were sweating like leaky faucets.

After I came back home from the gym, I cleaned the house, took a shower, ate some food and boom, my afternoon was almost gone and it was time to pick up my corgis. Where was the ‘nap’ part?? Why does time fly when the doggies are not at home??

Jeter and Cappy came back with unusually dirty paws. So they got the paw bath before dinner. Now they are pooped out. I was told Jeter was playing with a cockapoo named Riley all day. I bet Riley got very tired too 🙂 Well, they said a tired dog is a happy dog. My corgis are definitely happy dogs tonight!


Day 83

The 6th day of my recovery week. I needed to go downtown with my husband this morning so I decided to get my run for today done first. I went to the gym and ran 4.58 miles. Since I didn’t have much time, I ran faster than yesterday and it felt good. The same Clucking Chuck was there again but even he couldn’t ruin my mood.

My corgis went to Doggy Dojo – their doggie daycare center this morning and played with their furry friends all day. They came back home, ate their dinner, and fell asleep happily:)

Daddy's foot is always the best pillow for Cappy

Jeter sleeps with his buddy "Bucky the Beaver"

Day 76

Today I got up early and went to the gym:) I didn’t have a good enough sleep last night again but my legs felt better than yesterday. I ran 5.11 miles. I gave my legs another easy day today. My husband walked 3.33 miles.

My Corgis went to the doggy daycare center today. Jeter and Cappy were so excited when I parked the car in front of Doggy Dojo, Cappy even jumped down from the car before I took her down. I don’t let them jump down from the car and usually they are waiting even with the car door open until I lift them down. But today she just couldn’t wait. I know she really loves to go to play with other dogs over there but still it’s not safe coming out of the car like that. I need to teach her again not to do that no matter what.

Since I already did my run for today and my corgis were at the DD, I had a whole day for myself:) I tried to use this chance to enjoy the uninterrupted rest but somehow I couldn’t. I just did some chores and all the morning was gone. I took some nap in the afternoon but it wasn’t enough.

Jeter and Cappy came back home now and they are dog- gone pooped out:) They must of had a good time over there.



Day 59

We went to the gym early in the morning. I didn’t feel that good since last night so I had an easy day. I ran 4.61 miles slowly. My husband walked 2.67 miles.

I took Jeter and Cappy to Doggy Dojo. They need to burn some energy up. They need to play with other dogs. They were super excited when we got there. Doing my run early and corgis at the doggy daycare center gave me a whole day to rest.

It feels really weird to have this kind of warm day in mid January. It was above 50 degree today and tomorrow will be warm again. I plan to run outside tomorrow because it will be the last chance to run outside for awhile. Thursday will be cold and snowy.

Jeter and Cappy came back home. So did my husband. Our corgis ate their dinner happily. They will sleep really well tonight.

Oh, I registered for the 2012 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K.

Day 40

I completed 40% of my project. It was Day 40 and I ran 4.84 miles. I didn’t go to the gym at 5 a.m. this morning because last night I stayed up late again baking doggy biscuits. Anyway, only 10 more days to reach the half way mark 🙂

I baked another batch of doggy biscuits in the afternoon. Some of them are for my precious corgis. The rest I used to make a little gift basket for the Doggy Dojo pups. I will write more about making the doggy biscuits in another post.

It was cloudy and drizzling all day. I’m trying to feel the Christmas spirit, but this year feels different because of the family gathering thing. I miss my late mother-in-law…

Day 33

On Wednesday I often work at night and stay up late. That’s why my husband usually has a resting day on Thursday because he knows I need to sleep some more. This morning my ankle felt a little bit sore. Maybe because I sat up for a long time last night without elevating my left leg. But I didn’t have any pain when I was at the gym. I ran slowly 4.25 miles. I was watching myself in the mirror carefully. I needed to check whether my gait was changed or not. I didn’t see any change and feel relieved. Well, since I didn’t feel any pain so there shouldn’t be any change of the way I ran. But I will still be very careful for a couple of days.

In the afternoon, I walked more than a mile with my corgis. Actually I didn’t plan to do a long walk but I forgot to bring the house key and locked myself out. I didn’t even bring my cell phone. It was quite windy and cold. I needed to wait about an hour until my husband come to my rescue. I didn’t want to get sick. So I decided to walk to our doggy daycare center. Over there I could wait for him inside and walking a mile is better than just sitting in the wind. Oscar, the owner of Doggy Dojo, and everybody were so nice. They let Jeter and Cappy run around while I was waiting for my husband. I was reading magazines and Oscar gave me a bottle of G2. I love DD. It is more like a really good friend’s house than just a doggy daycare for me.

After some time my husband arrived and we all came back home. Jeter and Cappy seemed to enjoy these unexpected afternoon activities. But I didn’t. Even though I am grateful of being helped, I don’t like the fact that I locked myself out. It makes me feel old and stupid. But time to move on. Hopefully day 34 will be better than today.