Rest day at the doctor’s office

After running two days in a row, I had a rest day from running. But I felt more tired than a running day because every time I go to the doctor’s office, I got exhausted mentally. Even though our family doctor is very kind and nice, I still get nervous. I think the bad experience I had with the previous one – I’d rather call him a quack – has something to do with this. Anyway, today I had a doctor’s appointment and it went pretty well. Dr.C was happy about my progress. Well…I definitely looked better today than the last time he saw me which was when I had pneumonia. Even though I still have a sore throat, he said that I don’t need to worry about it too much. He was glad I started to run again. He prescribed Albuterol to relax and open the air passage to the lungs when I run outside on a very humid day – use it 15 minutes before the exercise. It would prevent my lungs from working too hard and getting sick again. Let’s see how much it will help my running.

Dr.C wanted me to take another chest X-ray to make sure everything was cleared. But when I got to the radiology office, they said their X-ray machine went down. I need to go back there tomorrow. Inconvenience? yes. But I understand things happen. I just have one more thing to do tomorrow 🙂