Day 74

Last night I stayed up later than I planned because of the coughing. I took cough medicine but it took some time before I could fall asleep. This morning my husband didn’t wake me up at 5 am. He let me sleep more. That helped a lot. But this annoying coughing and chest congestion still didn’t go away. Ugh.

But my run today wasn’t bad. I ran 5.7 miles. It was a new record for my most mileage at the gym. I actually felt much better when I increased the speed a little bit. I sweated a lot. I wish I had a headband which stays on my head. My husband bought me headbands but they just don’t want to stay on my head 😦

Recently I read other runners’ blogs. Some are my new dailymile friends. Everybody has different goals and abilities but all have the same love for running. And most of them are so diligent on their running and training. That motivates me. They are walk the walk, not talk the talk.

After I came back home from the gym, I took some rest and medicine. Coughing seems to get worse at night. Hopefully that will not be the case tonight.