Milk disaster

What do you think how much damage a half gallon of milk can cause? To me, A LOT. Just thinking about what happened yesterday makes me frown 😦

Yesterday morning, I needed to go get some milk. Since the milk store we buy the milk opens at 10 am, I killed some time at the grocery store buying sweet potatoes and olive oil. Because of the cashier’s fault, I got the sweet potatoes for free πŸ™‚ Then I went to Oberweis and got two half gallons of fat free milk and a 2% chocolate milk – my post run treat – and headed back home. It was a dark and damp morning and the rain was on and off. Not ideal weather to ride a bicycle recklessly near a busy intersection. I saw one guy on a bike crossing the road despite the red light. The car in front of me stopped and I put the brakes on too. That was when I heard the crashing sound from behind. No, it wasn’t a car accident. It was the sound that one of the milk bottles – fat free milk – broke. I still don’t know how that happened. When I put the brakes on, the milk bottle carrier must have slid forward, but how one bottle out of three got broken into pieces like that, I really don’t know. Especially since the milk bottles are in the carrier which hugs the bottles and provides some barrier between them.

I moved the car to the nearby restaurant parking lot quickly and used paper towels to clean the trunk. It was a disaster. Broken glass and milk everywhere. I tried to absorb as much of the milk as fast as possible. It was a cool morning but I was sweating so much. If I was driving the other car, I would only worry about the milk smell. But it was our new hybrid car. The Prius V has the hybrid battery pack under the trunk and the manual warns the owner not to spill liquids. I was worried sick. What if the hybrid battery were damaged? That will cost us a couple of thousand dollars. I called my husband and told him about what happened. He worried about me and tried to calm me down. Maybe I sounded like a crazy woman.

He came back home early and we went to the Toyota dealer to check the car. It was supposed to be my rest day but I spent the morning cleaning the spilled milk in the car like crazy and spent the afternoon at the car dealer shop. After waiting about an hour and a half anxiously, we got the good news that the hybrid battery wasn’t damaged. We needed to wait another hour or so. They sucked out the milk from the mats and carpet as much as they can and shampooed them. We paid about 100 dollars. But the stress I got the whole day was immeasurable. It was raining on our way back home. We couldn’t open the windows and the smell of the shampoo was pretty strong. I was exhausted physically and mentally. I thought I will not drink milk for awhile because of this.

It was not surprising I didn’t feel good this morning. My throat was very sore and swollen and even my tongue was sore. I woke up early to go to the trail but I changed my mind and rested more. After resting two hours, I started to feel better. The weather was too nice to stay at home. So I went to the trail with Cappy. The temperature was not bad but the sun was strong. I brought Jeter’s cooling vest and put it on Cappy. She was running okay for awhile but as the temperature went up, her pace started to slow down.Β It felt hot for me too. So I ended our run at 2 miles and came back.

“It’s hotter than we thought!”

Cappy enjoyed the car ride and cool air in the front seat – usually my dogs sit in the back seat for their safety just like human kids but today I drove the 3 door hatchback car. That’s the only time my corgis sit in the front seat. After we came back home, I went out alone and ran 1.2 miles more. Even though she ran just 2 miles, the strong sun made Cappy tired – later in the afternoon when I took my corgis out, it felt much cooler than the morning. But running made her happy.Β She looked like she was smiling while she was taking her nap πŸ™‚

“How could you do this to me!”


However, unlike Cappy, Jeter was grumpy. When I came back home, he gave me a pouting look. He wasn’t happy about me taking only Cappy. Sorry little buddy, but you will have quality time with me tomorrow -) Taking one corgi at a time is easier for me and good for them since their running style is different. And they can rest and not overdo it.

Overall, it was a much better day than yesterday. No milk disaster and I ran with my corgi. Oh, and I drank milk – the chocolate milk after the run – without being haunted by yesterday’s memory πŸ˜‰


Happy running Tuesday

Running with my corgis means more things to prepare and bring. As the weather gets hotter these days, I need to bring even more things for them. This morning, I put ice cubes and two water bottles in a little cooler. And I put a big ziplock bag filled with some cold water to soak Cappy’s new pink cooling bandana and put the bag in the cooler. I grabbed Jeter’s cooling vest, a collapsible water bowl, dog treats and a banana for me. While I was preparing all these things, my corgis were getting so excited. After I dropped my husband off at the train station, we headed to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail.

Cappy wearing her new pink cooling bandana

At the parking lot, I took Cappy’s cooling bandana out from the ziplock bag and use the same bag with water to soak Jeter’s cooling vest. Then I took my corgis’ doggy car harnesses off, put cooling gear and leashes on, applied Musher’s Secret pet paw protector wax on 8 paws, wore my hydration belt and finally started to run. Before they came to my life, going to the forest trail to run was much simpler πŸ™‚ But I don’t mind doing all these things. They are my dogs and I love them to pieces. And I want them to run safely.

Jeter wearing his cooling vest

The temperature was 63 degrees when we started to run. It felt a bit cooler than 63, but with strong sunshine, the temperature went up quickly. Jeter and Cappy were full of energy today. I had some hard time to make them not to run too fast in the beginning. After some easy running for warm up, I ran faster than usual thanks to my little corgis. They were like energizer bunnies. Lucky for them, my legs felt good too and we all enjoyed today’s 4 mile-run.

“Let’s rest in the shadow!”

“Now it feels much better!!”

After the run, Jeter and Cappy ate some banana with me and enjoyed the car ride back home.Β Then they were pooped out πŸ™‚ Of course they did some neighborhood watch duty but most of the afternoon, they took naps on many different spots – in their crates, on their 3 different dog beds, on the sofa, on the new bench near the window, on a living room rug, and even on our bed upstairs πŸ™‚ Their sleeping faces looked happy and relaxed.

Jeter fell asleep on the sofa πŸ™‚

Cappy fell asleep on the bench πŸ™‚

Happy running, happy (and tired) corgis, and happy me.