Day 38

Another busy day today. I finished putting up the Christmas decorations around the house. Boy, this year we are so behind. Before Christmas we still need to do big cleaning, having corgis means more work when it comes to cleaning.

My day started with going to the gym with my husband in the early morning. I had an easy day (3.83 miles). My husband did 2.94 miles. After I took him to the train station, I went to find the bone shape cookie cutter. I never imagined finding a cookie cutter for baking some doggy biscuits would be this hard. After visiting 4 stores in vain, I gave up. Of course I can order online but I need it in 2-3 days. So I decided to use what I have. A couple of years ago we bought some gingerbread man shaped cookie cutters from Ikea. We gave them to the family members with other gifts and kept one. I’m not a baker so  I never used it. Today after I came back home I found that cookie cutter and I changed its shape to a dog bone 🙂 I just used my hands and the edge of the kitchen island to bend and manipulate it. I was proud of myself because it looks pretty good.

Before it looked similar to this.


This is ‘After’


Not bad, right?  So I could’ve saved a couple of hours if I decided to do this instead of spending  my time at the stores, ugh. Anyway, now what I need to do is bake the doggy cookies. The first batch will be my little gift for my Doggy Dojo friends. Jeter and Cappy will get their cookies on Christmas day.

I did several more things like hanging up artwork and laundry. I drove downtown to pick my husband up and went to the grocery store, too. No wonder I am tired. But this is what the holidays are about. Without the holidays, life would be quite boring 🙂