Easy day 2

I’m flirting with a cold. I have chest congestion and cough but not a really serious one. So I was glad I planned to have easy days until Sunday. It was the day I needed to take it easy.

It was much cooler than yesterday. The high temperature was around 50. I went out with my corgis and did a slow run/walk for 3.07 miles. Jeter and Cappy loved the cooler air but they were slower than yesterday. Based on the way they played in the house, they were already recovered enough from yesterday’s little run. I think they were just bored. They looked so much happier when I took them to the Forest Preserve Trail. Jeter especially didn’t get that excited about going around the track at the park near our house. Sometimes he looked at me with a grumpy face as if saying ” I don’t like running around this boring track!” 🙂 Today was the same. I needed to bribe them to go on.

I thought about going to the gym to spend some time on a stationary bike but my husband came back home early. He isn’t feeling well. I needed to give myself a break not to be sick more, and I wanted to be with him. So, I didn’t go to the gym. I will go there tomorrow. I lay down with him and Jeter and Cappy joined us on the bed. They know daddy is not feeling well. I love holding their warm furry bodies. It gave me such a soothing feeling 🙂


Day 135 – “Rest” day

Last night, I felt yucky and started coughing. My husband has been suffering from a cough and chest congestion since last Tuesday. My body was tired from running the race and doing things afterwards. My husband was tired, too. He was a wonderful supporter for me and yesterday he did it again. I appreciated that but what he needed was to rest all day. So we both took cold medicine and went to bed early. We slept all night and all morning – my husband had a sick day.

After the afternoon doggie walk, I went to the gym and ran 3.13 miles. It was an easy recovery run. I’m feeling much better today.