Day 67

Another early bird going to the gym day for us. We went there at 5:30 am. We took our favorite spot and started to exercise. Usual early morning members were there. After having two good running days and the fact that I didn’t sleep that well last night, I thought my legs would feel a little heavy today. But to my surprise, I still felt strong. So I ran in rhythm again. These days I started to run slowly at the speed of 5.1 mph and increase to 6.0 mph. It is still slower than many runners but I’m okay with my penguin speed. I remember when I started to run again, I had a hard time to run more than 1 minute at the speed of 4.5 mph. They said running slowly strengthens your cardiovascular system, improves the ability of your heart to pump blood and oxygen, and builds stronger bones. I’m pretty sure my cardiovascular system got stronger. My heart rate has been good and I don’t breath like a fish out of the water anymore 🙂 I’m enjoying my run more. Today I ran 5.37 miles and sweated a lot. But my husband had a hard time to find his rhythm and struggled a little. He finished his walk before I finished my run and his mileage today was 2.87 miles.

It was quite cold this morning. When we came back to the car, the windows were frozen. While my husband was getting ready to go to work, I took Jeter and Cappy out. The sidewalks were covered with lots of salt. It didn’t snow much yesterday but they still put tons of salt. Do they try to brine the sidewalks? I hate to see my dogs lift their paws with pain and make the miserable look. So they wore the doggy boots for walk. I also put the jackets on them. So they were okay in the cold weather and walking so happy outside but I wasn’t. My hair and body were still wet from the sweat. Even though I wore a warm winter hat and jacket, I was still cold. Especially my face. I couldn’t feel my face and my nose hairs were freezing. I wish I lived somewhere warm like California. Brrrrr………

I joined DailyMile two days ago. DM members are really encouraging and supportive. That’s one thing I love about running. This sport is more about competing against yourself and generally runners like to help and motivate other runners. I should have joined DM earlier 🙂