Day 19

I had an easy day. Since it was a resting day for my husband, I didn’t go to the gym at 5:30 am. I just went there around 9:20 am. I didn’t need to hurry and wanted to give my body a break. So I walked more and ran slower. I did 3.63 miles.

While I’m happy about my progress and understand everybody has a different running ability, sometimes when I see someone who is running fast and smooth I can’t help but envy that person. Today I saw one woman at the gym who was running beautifully. I wish I could run like her. Being a fast runner would be pretty hard for me so what I can try is working on the “smooth” part. But I really wish I could run fast like her. Maybe in my dreams tonight?

I sent 2 packages to my parents. I miss them. They are too far away and I often feel like I’m the worst daughter. I’m going to visit them next year. When I talked to my mom about that she sounded so happy. I miss her so much.