Day 29

I wish my running would feel like today everyday. My legs felt light. It was one of the best runs since I started to run again. I ran 4.69 miles happily. Maybe because I have my exercise buddy back:) My husband went to the gym with me again today and he walked 3.05 miles. He skipped the gym for 6 days because of the bicep injury and chest pain (thankfully X ray results were normall and his heart is strong). I like going to the gym with him.

The gym was rather empty today. They started to check the membership again and members should change their old membership card to the new one.

After brunch we started the Christmas decorations. We planed to do that last weekend but we had a situation(ER) so we couldn’t. Today we hung the big Santa stocking on the front door. We hung one traditional looking wreath outside and another wreath – modern looking green feather wreath – inside of the house on the door to the garage. We set our 7.5 feet pre-lit tree up. Right now our tree only has an angel tree top and shinny silver bead garland around it. There are boxes of ornaments waiting to be put on the tree. We are so behind 🙂 But it’s okay. We’re happy and our house started to look Christmassy. After we finish the decorations, our corgis will be the Santa corgis. They are sleeping near the Christmas tree now and look so adorable.