Day 37

I almost finished Christmas shopping. Today I bought some more things. But I couldn’t find one thing I want to buy. I drove here and there and walked around a lot. It was frustrating because it shouldn’t be that hard to find! It’s too late to ask the online Santa. I don’t know what to do 😦 Btw, the shopping mall was already quite crowded in the morning. Maybe many people still have not finish their holiday shopping yet.

It got windy and the temperature went down in the afternoon but when I was out shopping the temperature was above 50. I was sweating and I didn’t even wear a thick winter coat! It would be great for me if Christmas day will be this toasty.

My husband and I went to the gym early. Monday is usually a resting day for my husband but since he didn’t go to the gym yesterday, he joined me this morning, or should I say I joined him.  He walked 3.07 miles and I ran 4.64 miles. My left ankle felt almost back to normal.

It was a long day today. There are still many things to do before Christmas. I want to bake some doggy cookies for Jeter and Cappy, too. I wish I had a bone shape cookie cutter 🙂