2012 vacation with our corgis – On the road

This is a blog post about Jeter’s and Cappy’s vacation. It was a very corgi – centered and relaxing vacation and I want to share our memories with you. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


There are things that change your life a lot and I think getting a dog is one of them. Since we got our corgis, many things in our lives changed including our vacations. In 2009, we already had a great time in Dana Point California before we adopted Jeter. In 2010 there were so many things that happened, we just skipped the vacation. Then in 2011, when we planned our vacation, we didn’t want to leave Jeter and Cappy. So after many internet searches, we decided to go to North Carolina. I read an article about very dog friendly places in NC and an ultimate vacation retreat for dog lovers called “Barkwells.” So last year we went there to celebrate our corgis’ adoption anniversaries and our anniversary. If we didn’t have dogs, we would never think about going to NC for our vacation, especially with more than 12 hours of driving. Yes, dogs surely change your life 🙂

We had a great time at Barkwells last year so we decided to go back again and made a reservation for the end of summer when we hoped it would be cooler weather. After waiting many days, last Sunday, September 2nd, the day we headed to NC finally came. When we were packing our suitcases, Jeter and Cappy sensed something exciting. They came up to the bed and jumped into one of the suitcase 🙂

Barkwells’ check in time is 3 pm and we needed to drive more than 12 hours from Chicago to get there. So we left our house at 2 am. There were still more cars on the road than I expected because of Labor Day. Last year, Jeter got a little bit anxious during the long drive. To help him to stay calm, we brought his crate this year. For him, his crate is a very comfortable and safe place and he loves to be in it. We secured his crate in the back seat and put him in it. Cappy wore her car vest and we used a tether to connect to a seat belt. It was a long long drive but my corgis did a good job.

Travelling corgis : Jeter in his crate and Cappy in the back seat

Driving all night was not an easy thing. I don’t know how many times we asked each other “Are we there yet?” 🙂 We drank cup after cup of coffee. The weather for our drive this year was rainy and foggy, but still better than last year when it rained heavily as we drove through Indiana. One thing different from last year was we didn’t need to stop so often to get gas 🙂 Our Prius V did a great job. Even though it struggled a bit when we drove uphill in the mountains, overall it was a smoother and more comfortable drive. We listened to so many different kinds of songs using Pandora. We stopped several times not for gas but to stretch our legs and the corgis’ legs. Night changed to day and flat scenery changed to hills. After crossing 4 states borders – IN, KY, TN, NC – we finally arrived at our destination around 3:30 pm on Monday, September 3rd. It was about 680 miles from our home.

After this sign, we still needed to drive more than 100 miles to get to our destination

As soon as we finished the check in, the first thing we did was put our corgis in the fenced yard of our cabin. They loved to run around after the long drive 🙂 Then we started to move suitcases and many things to the cabin. The cabin we stayed in this year was ‘Peppermint Patty’s’. It is a bigger cabin than the one we stayed (Snicker’s) in last year. Jeter and Cappy explored the yard, inside of cabin – room by room – and the porch. They looked so comfortable 🙂 After we put things away, we took them to the 7 acres of fenced meadow. Jeter and Cappy ran like the wind. They looked so happy. That’s why we came here. Our happy corgi vacation just started.

Jeter and Cappy running on the meadow. The cabin behind is the one we stayed in – Peppermint Patty’s.

– to be continued


Joy ride

My corgis love the car ride. Whenever I grab their car harnesses, Jeter and Cappy get so excited. They sit on the back seat and I connect the seat belt to their harnesses. Jeter loves to look outside. Cappy is more of a lounging type. Since we got a new car, I wanted to take their pictures in the car and today I took some pictures.

Cappy in the car

This is how Jeter looks during the car ride 🙂

Jeter looking outside

My precious corgis in the car.

Ready for a car ride

I took these pictures with my phone at the parking lot when we went to get some milk.

About running, I ran around the neighborhood. I didn’t feel like driving to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail or the lakefront. It was just an easy, boring run. Nothing special. The weather was better than I thought but still too hot for my corgis to run with me. My quad felt a little bit tight but overall it was an okay run.

Things that changed

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a post on my blog. Hope you were doing well while I was MIA 🙂 There are some things that changed. I will tell you about them.

First of all, I recovered slowly but surely from the effect of the sudden chill I had. After shivering severely and uncontrollably for more than an hour, every muscle in my body got sore. Especially my legs muscles. It took some time for my hamstrings and quads to feel better enough to run again. Still my quads are not 100 percent so I’m doing easy, short runs every other day and going to increase the distance gradually before I resume my training – I had a couple of 1+ miles runs around the neighborhood this week with my corgis. I think I can run like before again sooner rather than later.

We bought a new car. It is our first hybrid car 🙂 Our new car is Toyota Prius V(pronounced Prius Vee) which is larger than a regular Prius. It is about the size of a small SUV. Our 9 years old SUV was still a good car but we wanted a more fuel efficient/eco friendly car. We traded our car in and got this Vee. There are three levels of Vee – 2, 3, and 5 – and what we got is a Vee 5. Driving the Vee is quite different than driving our old SUV. It made us drive slowly and safely. Even though the Vee doesn’t have the same power, we are enjoying the excellent gas mileage, modern technology, and the roomy inside. Jeter and Cappy seem to enjoy the new car too. I especially love listening to Pandora radio while I’m driving. Using a smart phone via bluetooth for the internet connectivity is so cool 🙂 The owners manual sucks so much and needs to be improved a lot though.

Our house has a deck but we didn’t spent much time out there. The builder completed our deck after we moved in 7 years ago. We were not satisfied the way it looked and even requested to replace some boards but they didn’t keep their word. In recent years, our deck was getting worse and worse. Several boards were rotten and getting so unsafe. Every neighbor has the same deck problem. A couple of weeks ago, when I came back from running, I saw a handyman’s van in the driveway. They were working on a neighbor’s deck. They were kind and seemed to know what they were doing. I got their business card and later asked our neighbor about their work. Then we decided to hire them to get our deck done. Yesterday they came to our house and worked on our deck and one more thing. I love our new deck! They did a great job. Jeter and Cappy played out on the deck. (I didn’t let them go out before.) I think I need to find an elevated outdoor dog bed for them 🙂

The management company sealed the driveway last week and we need to paint our garage door and the front door before the end of this month. We planned to go to get the right paint today but this morning we saw a guy painting the front door of the next house. I talked to one of our neighbors and found out the same guy will paint her house door too. So my husband and I talked to the guy and decided to hire him. Instead of going to the paint store and paint around the house in the hot weather, we enjoyed a good brunch at Walker Bros and spent more time with our corgis.

Next week, I will run a little bit more but I will not rush. And maybe you will read my new blog post more often 🙂

Test drive Saturday

My husband and I talked last night about going to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail early this morning. We did get up at 5:30am but the weather outside was so cloudy. There were thunderstorms forecast too. We didn’t want to get caught in the rain at the trail with our corgis so we didn’t go. Instead I had a longer walk with them around the neighborhood hours later. Then my husband and I went to the gym. He rode a stationary bike (9.25 miles) and I ran on a treadmill. Today I was supposed to run 3 miles (pace run) and I did a half mile more. Then I did 300 jump ropes. I thought about doing 200 more but I didn’t do it because tomorrow will be a longer run day (6 miles ). Even though running 6 miles is not a big deal, I wanted to keep my legs fresh. Anyway, that was how we spent our morning.

In the afternoon, we went to a Toyota dealer to test-drive a car. We are thinking about buying a new car and have a certain model in mind. The other day we test drove a middle version of that model and today we test drove a higher version. We liked the one we tried today more and are seriously considering buying the higher version. We know this car is popular and there is not that much room to negotiate. But we still wanted to find the lowest price and rate. We got some decent numbers from them today but said to them we want to think about it more. I think eventually we will buy that car. We just need to find a way to get some more discount.

We stayed at the car dealer longer than we planned. When we finally came back home, Jeter and Cappy were so excited. I think they missed us…or they just wanted their dinner 🙂 We will spend more time with them tomorrow.

Day 119 – Progress, brunch, and test drive

I managed to sleep on my left side last night. I still can’t sleep on my right side but it was a big improvement from only sleeping on my back 🙂 I will never take it for granted about being able to sleep on my side!!

I felt much better than yesterday. The pain in my left side is not gone completely yet, but I’m sure sooner rather than later, I will be 100% pain free. But I didn’t forget I’m still day-to-day. So it was another easy running day at the gym. I ran 4.02 miles. It was such a beautiful sunny day but the wind was crazy! When we were driving on the highway, our car was pushed by the strong wind. Anyway, Saturday late afternoon was the best time to go to the gym. There were about 10 people but the gym was so quiet and peaceful.

We went out for brunch at “Katie’s kitchen” this morning. I had a chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread and sweet potato fries. They were so good and made me happy. After the brunch, we headed to a Toyota dealer for a test drive of the Prius V. We wanted to compare the V3 and the V5 but they only had a V3. It was a cool car but before we make any decision, we will test drive the V5 and maybe some other hybrid cars. New car smell was nice though 🙂