Day 77

Having two easy days at the gym, a good night sleep, and resting during the day yesterday helped my legs feel good again. My husband walked 3.34 miles and I ran 5.55 miles. It was a good run and a nice way to complete the 11th week (37.55 miles). Even though my legs feel good now, I will have a recovery week next week. Daily mileage will be 10 to 20 percent less. Only 23 days left to complete my 100 day project:)

Today is also my birthday. But I didn’t want to have a big birthday party. I just want to have a quiet, good time with my husband and corgis. I didn’t want to go out for dinner because I’m enjoying our healthy eating these days and don’t want to mess it up. My husband cooked a good dinner for me. And we enjoyed some cupcakes. I’m not a big cake eater so cupcakes are a better choice for me. I like cupcakes from Molly’s cupcakes. We got 4 cupcakes – a Ron Bennington (chocolate cake with peanut butter filling), a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, a peach cobbler, and a banana cake with chocolate frosting.


It was a good day. Now I will give a special treat to Jeter and Cappy since they couldn’t enjoy the cupcakes:)