Day 21

Last night I took NyQuil and went to bed extra early. And today I woke up without any sore throat or congestion,yay! But my husband said he has a sore throat. So I told him to rest more and went to the gym by myself. I ran 4.51 miles and felt great. I wiped the machine like crazy before and after the run:) There were more people at the gym but thankfully no chattybirds. Even when I use my iPod at the gym, watching someone who chats more than exercises is still quite annoying. But this morning I didn’t need to worry about it so my running was more pleasant 🙂

After I did my running for today, we went out for brunch. Today we went to our favorite brunch restaurant “Katie’s Kitchen”. It’s bit of a drive but totally worth it. We always got great food there and today we had happy stomachs again. My husband ate one of their special – short ribs with onion and mushroom, grilled mashed potato with white American cheese + 2 eggs + panettone bread toasted with honey cinnamon butter. I stole some of his bread and it tasted wonderful! I had a chicken salad sandwich and sweet potato fries. Yum yum. Like you can assume, I don’t change my diet a lot. I just try to control the portion and improve the quality of the food I eat.

So today I completed my 3rd week(28.61 miles). Everyday I accomplish something!