Day 7

I used to skip running when I had a busy day. It wasn’t my #1 priority. But this time, I’m trying to treat running like an important appointment.

It was a busy day. It started with an unexpected event of helping to find the owner of a lost dog. I needed to do some things including to pick up the birthday cake for my husband. We dined out for the birthday celebration. To avoid the Saturday crowd, we went out early. So I didn’t have much time to go to the forest preserve trail. I just went to the gym and did 3.55 miles. At the gym, I ran a lot more to save some time. Except the warming up and cooling down, I ran without any walking break. I had a good sweat and felt great.

My first week was completed today without any problem. I didn’t skip running and did at least 27 miles. Not bad 🙂