Day 25

The 1st quarter of my 100 days of running project was completed today. And it was also my easy day.

I ran 3.61 miles slowly. It felt easy. I could run more and thought about it but decided to observe my easy day. I remember when I started to run again 25 days ago, doing 3 miles wasn’t this easy even with walking breaks. 25 days made this much of a difference. Hopefully, I will be able to tell you another good differences I made on my 50th,75th, and 100th day.

And on my Day 25, my total mileage is now over 100 miles!! I know elite athletes do this in a week but for me it feels like a big achievement. From 0 mile to 100 miles . Everyday one step at a time. Not bad. Not bad at all 🙂

Even though I went to the best place to get the flu bug two days in a row – after going to ER on Sunday, I stayed some time at our family doctor’s office waiting room on Monday because my husband needed to check up some things – , I didn’t get sick. But because of the weather these days, my nose gets a little bit stuffy. There is no breathing problem but I want to take care of this. So tonight, I’ll go to bed early with the humidifier on. Have a good night sleep, everyone!!