Day 100

Sometimes numbers mean more than just numbers. That’s why people celebrate certain birthdays and¬†anniversaries more than others. Today is a special day for me. It’s not my birthday and not our anniversary. But today is the day I hit the number 100. Today is the day I completed my 100 day project. I did run 100 days in a row at least 3 miles a day without any big glitches. Some might say it’s not a big deal. But to me, it is the big day I can celebrate and be proud of myself.

It was sunny again and the temperature was about 38 degrees. It is still below my usual outside running temperature(above 50 degrees), but it felt warmer than yesterday. I went outside and ran around the neighborhood again. I wore my new shoes I got for my birthday for the first time today with new socks.

Cappy is giving her corgi blessing to my new shoes ūüôā

Today I didn’t run with my corgis. I wanted to run by myself. The route was quite similar with yesterday. I ran 6.32 miles for Day 100. I thought about running a little bit more to make it 7 but didn’t do it because it will not be my last day of running. The new shoes felt comfortable and I love the bright color! Anyway, with today’s mileage, I ran a total of 476.16 miles in 100 days ūüôā

When I first started my project, it seemed quite daunting. Without any rest days, could I make it to Day 100? But it was easier than I thought. The days went by so fast. I just kept spending about an hour or so everyday for running. And that made quite a lot of changes. On Day 1, after about 2 years of no running, I couldn’t run. So I did 1 minute of run/walk repeat. Even 1 minute felt so hard. I tried to forget the days I could run 10 miles. I tried to remember that I’m just like a newbie of running. I just wanted to love running again. I just wanted to be healthy and happy through running. And 100 days later, I could run 6+ miles. My pace has improved from 4.5 to 6.2 mph.¬†Even though I’m still not fast, I can run steady now. I’m not a fish out of the water anymore. Speed wise, I may not be the same runner I once was but I found the same love for running again. And 100 days later, my clothes are all baggy ūüôā

Through the last 100 days, thankfully I didn’t have any significant injury. (I once had a slight ankle problem, but that was not from running – I misstepped on the uneven part of a sidewalk while I was walking my corgis.) I didn’t have any rest day. But, I did have a recovery week with some easy running and less mileage days. However, my daily¬†mileage¬†during these 100 days was always more than 4 miles except for the first two weeks. I think I did a pretty good job when it comes to preventing injuries. ¬†I tried not to do too much too soon. I got my natural mid-foot strike back. – When I ran before, many books and fellow runners recommended heel strike as the ideal way to run so I tried to do that ūüė¶ That just didn’t feel natural to me. Training wise, I didn’t include any long runs or speed work to prevent any potential leg problem. To me, my 100 day project was more for building a sturdy endurance base. I knew I can add more training after I completed the first goal.

Even though I had a cough and a sore throat problem¬†from time to time, overall I didn’t get ¬†seriously sick. I tried so hard not to be sick. When I have some symptoms, I did my best to ¬†take care of the problems early. I ate better food, I slept more and better and I took vitamins. The last 100 days were one of the healthiest winter days I had.

Through my 100 days, many friends helped me. Thank you, my DailyMile, facebook, and other cyber space friends. Without your support and encouragement, it would be very lonely and difficult. ¬†And thank you, my precious corgis – Jeter and Cappy. They are my good running partners and always make me smile. When the weather gets warmer, I will run with them more often. And most of all, thank you, my one and only Andrew. My dear husband. Your love and support always lifts me up. Without you, I’m nothing. You’re the reason I want to run. I want to live healthy and get older together happily with you. I love you so much.

So, I completed my first goal. Now what? I will run everyday for awhile. I want to hit the 500 mile mark. Then I will add cross training, speed work, and long runs. When I think I need it, I will have real rest days too. But I don’t know when that will be. For now, I just want to enjoy the joy of running.