Corgis rested, I ran :-)

I ran again today – two days in a row at the Forest Preserve Bike Trail and in the bright sun. I think I got enough Vitamin D 🙂

Today’s run was a corgiless run. Even in the early morning, the sun was strong. That makes it hotter since there are not that much shade on the trail. And Jeter and Cappy still looked a little bit tired after they walked/ran 4.5 miles yesterday. So I let them rest more and drove to the trail. It was about 75 degrees when I started but it felt so much hotter. Leaving my corgis at home was the right decision. If I brought them with me, they would have parked their butts even before the 1 mile mark 🙂 With my iPod on, I started running. I’m still doing walk/ run repeats but today I ran more and actually I ran faster. On Monday morning, the trail was less crowded and more peaceful. I felt pretty good and enjoyed running a lot. I finished my run in just the right time because when I headed back to my car, I smelled cigar. Then I saw a guy was riding a bike smoking a cigar!! I felt sorry for runners behind him. I don’t think what that bike rider was doing was very considerate. It is outdoors but he shouldn’t be selfish like that at other people’s cost. Who wants to inhale someone else’s cigar smoke when you’re out on the trail in the morning for exercise???

Anyway, I ran 4 miles today. It was kind of a ‘pick-me-up’ run and made me happy. My corgis looked happy to see me when I came back home. I think they enjoyed the rest day today. I gave them lots of hugs and kisses and got more from them. It was a good day for me and my corgis.


Sunday family exercise

My husband and I like to go to the trail on the weekend. But yesterday, it was too hot and humid even early in the morning. And I felt quite tired after I came back from the gym on Friday.(I walked/ran 2.2 miles that day.) I think I’m still not strong enough to run two days in a row. I need to remember it will take time to build the endurance back and I shouldn’t rush or try to do too much too soon. Today, the weather was much cooler than yesterday but I still couldn’t get up as early as I wanted. I didn’t feel good and had no energy. So my husband let me sleep more and took Jeter and Cappy out. They went to the nearby park and walked 1.5 mile. When they came back, I felt a little bit better thanks to the extra sleep. It was still early and the temperature was not that bad so we decided to go to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail.

It was a sunny, beautiful morning. There were more people out at the trail. I think many people were inspired by watching the Olympics 🙂 My corgis were so excited for getting extra exercise. After some walking warm up, I started to run with Cappy. Jeter was walking with my husband but he wanted to run too. So I took Jeter’s leash and ran with two corgis. I was happy and so were my corgis 🙂 But they got tired faster. That was understandable because it was their second workout this morning and the temperature went up thanks to the strong sun. I gave them a couple of water breaks but after 2.75 miles, what they wanted to do was rest under the tree. Dragging them in the sun another quarter mile to the car wouldn’t be a good thing. So my husband stayed there with Jeter and Cappy and I went to the car and drove back to them. They were glad to get in the car 🙂 We shared a banana with them and gave them more water. It was another good Sunday family exercise. My mileage for today was 3. These are pictures I took during a water break today.

Jeter looks so happy and handsome in this picture.

Corgis’ pictures and a video :-)

Since the last blog post about Sunday, I went to the gym on Tuesday and walked/ran 3.2 miles. There were less people at the gym and it was quieter than I remember. I had a good exercise but I could see clearly how much fitness I lost while I couldn’t run. Then yesterday and today I had rest days because I didn’t feel good enough to exercise. After experiencing all the pain and the medicine side effects, I really don’t want to get pneumonia ever again. There are not many things to say about my running. So I’m going to fill my blog post with my corgis’ recent pictures and a video 🙂

Cappy loves the window bench

“When will Daddy come back and play with me?”

“Let’s share this window bench!”

“But we’re not always looking in the same direction..”

Afternoon naps on their doggy beds

“Hello, how are you?”

After I saw some videos of corgi vacuuming, I wanted to try it with my corgis. The other day I did it with Jeter and he surprised me by cooperating!! Today we took a video while I was vacuuming Jeter. This is the video 🙂

He is a very good boy!!! I will try it again with Cappy but I don’t know how she will react 🙂

Our wonderful Sunday.. More good than bad :-)

After my husband and I had a good walk/run on Saturday, we planned to go out to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail again yesterday. I got up a little bit late but the weather was still good enough to run outside. Anyway it was still earlier than the time we went to the trail on Saturday 🙂 Because of what happened to Jeter on Saturday, we were going to leave him at home and only take Cappy. But when I told Jeter to go into his crate, he looked at me so sadly with those begging eyes as if saying “You can’t leave me here alone!! My leg is okay! Take me with you!! Pleeeeeeease!!!!” How could I say no to that face. And his left front leg seemed to be okay. I talked to my husband about him and we decided to take him too. But we limited his exercise only to walking and in case he showed any problem, we would cut the exercise and come back home.

Jeter and Cappy were very happy corgis at the trail. Jeter walked with my husband so nicely and didn’t have any problem 🙂 I walked/ran with Cappy. Boy, she wanted to run like the wind! Since I just got back to running, I tried hard not to run too fast but thanks to her, my pace was much faster than Saturday. Thankfully, my legs endured quite well 🙂 Getting injured is the last thing I want. We did 3 miles and it was a very good family exercise. As usual, Jeter and Cappy got a lot of compliments. I wondered how many people at the trail knew my corgis are the same breed with the Queen’s dogs who appeared in the London Olympic’s opening ceremony 🙂

“We are so happy!!!”

“Whew.. it’s getting hot!”

When we came back home, my corgis went into resting mode right away. We let them rest and went out for brunch. Yesterday, we wanted to go to the restaurant we never been before so our pick was “Country Kitchen” in Highland Park. There is a list of good brunch places by Chicago magazine which my husband found and printed. The Country Kitchen was one of many restaurant on that list. But it was not worth the drive. Okay price, meh food. I ordered the french toast and it was insipid. Pancakes and sausage links for my husband was blah. Our waitress was kind of indifferent. There was nothing special about that restaurant. But there seemed to be lots of regulars especially elders. Maybe we ordered the wrong things but anyway, we will not make a special trip to go there again.

But our day wrapped up with a great dinner and that made us forget our not that great brunch. My husband cooked Penne Primavera based on Master Chef Joe Bastianich’s recipes from Runner’s World(October 2010). Chef Joe – the son of Lidia (Lidia’s Italy) is a runner too. Since we read that article, we wanted to try his recipes. Yesterday my husband made Chef Joe’s Pomodoro sauce then cooked the beautiful, healthy pasta using lots of fresh veggies and Racconto 8 whole grain Penne Rigate. It was so delicious!!! One of the best pastas I’ve ever had 🙂

Super YUM!!!!

If you want, you can find Chef Joe’s recipes here HERE.

Today was a rest day from running for me. I played with my corgis this morning and once again my patient boy Jeter cooperated with me and I took this goofy picture 😉

That’s it for today. Have a good night!!

Back to running.. Without my corgis :-(

I couldn’t run for weeks because of pneumonia. I wanted to return to running last weekend but I got sick again and had to deal with a right knee pain. So, I waited one more week. Finally, I felt good enough to resume running. So today I got up early to go to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail with my husband and my two corgis. But things didn’t go as planned and I had an emotional roller coaster morning.

I was so happy about getting back into running after many weeks of not running. I even got up before the alarm went off. My corgis got so excited too when they saw me preparing my hydration belt. For them, pouring water into the bottles of the hydration belt means a car ride and going to the trail. Jeter and Cappy were dancing around me. We were all so happy about going out to run again. But things changed so suddenly.

After having all things ready, I was walking down the stairs to the first floor. Of course my two excited corgis ran down the stairs like thunders. I grabbed their doggy car vests and called Jeter first. Then I found something wasn’t right about him. He was lifting his left front leg and wouldn’t put weight on it. He couldn’t walk. When I touched that leg, he grimaced. I was so scared and worried. I thought he tore his ACL or something. I tried to take him out shortly to let him pee but instead of doing his usual morning business, he just lied down on the grass and looked at me so sadly. I carried him back inside and laid him down on the doggy bed. I called my husband who was getting ready to go out. When he came down, Jeter wanted to greet him but he couldn’t. Watching my little boy being like that broke my heart.

We discussed about whether to take him to the emergency vet right away or wait about 2 hours for our vet’s office to open. We decided to do the latter because Jeter feels more comfortable with Dr. Andy. While we were waiting, I iced Jeter’s leg and let him rest. He fell asleep. Cappy stayed near him. She seemed like she worried about him. It was sweet and…sad.

After I saw him sleeping, I told my husband that I’m going to go out and run around the block. There was nothing I could do until the animal hospital opened and it was hard for me just waiting and feeling helpless. So I went down. Cappy barked and followed me. Then my husband screamed joyfully “Jeter is walking!!!” After resting more than an hour, my boy could walk again. He used all 4 legs. You’ll never know how happy I was. We took Jeter and Cappy out. We watched closely how Jeter was walking. He seemed to be okay as if nothing happened! Maybe he just had a pulled muscle. We didn’t take him to the vet today. We will watch him during the weekend and if he still has a problem, then I will take him to the vet.

After being happy again, my husband and I decided go to the trail. Of course Jeter couldn’t go with us and taking Cappy only didn’t feel fair for Jeter 🙂 I put my dogs in their crates and went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail with my huband more than 2 hours later than the original plan. The weather was great. A little bit warm but breezy. Since it was the first day for me to return to running, I did Jeff Galloway style – walk and run repeats. My legs felt good. We both enjoyed todays exercise together so much. I could go farther but I didn’t want to do too much on my first day back to running. It surely felt good to be back. I just missed running with my corgis.

Play ball!! :-)

Recently, many pictures of my corgis that I posted here are “sleeping corgis”. So today, I will show you some pictures of my corgis I took when they were playing and being happy 🙂

This is my happy prince Jeter. When he smiles at me like this, it melts my heart. How could you not like a smile like this?? 🙂

“Hi, are you happy?? I’m so happy!!!”

And this is my little princess Cappy. She is the sweetest girl in the world.

“Hello everyone, do you want some corgi love???”

Yesterday Jeter and Cappy played with this Chuckit! Ultra ball. Usually I don’t give them this one in the house because they love it so much and chase it like crazy. I worry about them crashing into the wall. And Cappy really loves to throw it under the sofa. After saving her orange ball more than a hundred times, you want to keep that ball away 🙂 But the other day, I bought 3 noodles for the pool at the dollar store. They are the perfect size to block the gap under our sofa. I wanted to test they actually can block the ball. So I let Jeter and Cappy to play with this ball.

Jeter got the ball first. He played with it by himself for a while then made up his mind to tease Cappy 🙂

“This ball is mine… Let’s tease Cappy 😉 “

He brought the ball near Cappy.

Jeter : “Hey Cappy, do you want this ball???”
Cappy : “Yes!!! Yes!! Yes!!!”

Cappy : “Can I have it??”

But my mischievous boy Jeter didn’t let her have it. Cappy looked at me as if saying “Help me to get this!!”

Cappy : “Mommy!! Jeter doesn’t give it to me!!”
Jeter : ” Hehehe “

Jeter even rolled the ball to Cappy. But just before she grabbed it, Jeter took it again 🙂

Jeter : “Haha!! Gotya!!!”
Cappy : “It was SO close!!!”

Cappy acted like she got grumpy. Jeter looked at us and her back and forth.

Cappy : ” I’m getting depressed.. !”
Jeter : “Okay, okay!  I will give it to you. Really.”

Jeter actually gave the ball to Cappy. He is such a good brother. Usually he lets her have many toys that she wants. He is just being playful sometimes and loves to tease her. They are such good friends and I’m lucky to have them.

“Yeah!!! Now it’s all mine!!!!”

Of course she threw the ball under the sofa but the cheap noodles did their job to block it. I was happy about that 🙂

Things that happened to my corgis lately

During the last couple of days, my corgis had a great day at the doggy daycare, a happy time at the vet’s office then the pet store, peaceful weekend days with us, and a bad moment of getting attacked by a crazy neighborhood dog. This is the story of what happened to my corgis since I wrote my last blog post.

Jeter fell asleep on the sofa

“I played so hard today…. “

On July 20th, Jeter and Cappy went to the Doggy Dojo. They were already so excited when I parked my car in front of DD. It’s been awhile since they went there so it was understandable for their being super excited. But, I’d rather see my corgis being a little bit calmer. Later in the afternoon, they came back home exhausted 🙂 They had their dinner and fell asleep. Jeter was on the sofa and Cappy was on the floor. She was too tired to jump up on the sofa or even go on one of their doggy beds 🙂 They were so slow when we took them out for the night walk. They wanted to go back home to sleep. The beauty of the doggy daycare center 🙂

The next day, we took them to the vet’s office. Cappy needed to get her rabies shot. This time Dr. Andy gave her a 3-year vaccine. Jeter got his regular heartworm test and it turned out negative. Dr. Andy said they both are wonderfully healthy. But they need to lose some weight. Since I stopped running because of Pneumonia, they didn’t get enough exercise and that made them gain some weight. Anyway, they behaved so well at the vet’s office. There was a really cute husky puppy at the office named “Walter” and they played with him nicely. And they stayed calm with a big Bernese Mountain dog too. After the vet’s office visit, we went to the PetSmart to get somethings. Many people over there were smiling at our corgis. Jeter and Cappy showed some of their tricks to the people and got so many “Awww… so cute!!” compliments 🙂 And they sat and waited nicely while we were paying. A woman who was behind us was so impressed and wanted to pet Jeter. He got some extra love and that made him a very happy corgi. When we were ready to leave the parking lot, we saw another corgi coming out of the store. I waved to that corgi’s owners and they smiled back. I’m always happy to see another corgi. When we came back home, Jeter and Cappy fell asleep right away. They were still a little bit tired from Friday’s all day playing at the DD, and they had so much excitement and mental stimulation from the vet’s office and the store. The rest of the day went nicely. But we had an unexpected bad experience at night and it still makes me so angry

On Saturday night, we were walking Jeter and Cappy and everything was good. But our peaceful night walk was interrupted by a mad mutt bitch named Yancy who ran away from her house. She ran towards to us at full speed and attacked Jeter. I think Yancy picked Jeter because at that time Cappy was standing behind me. It happened too fast for us to stop that dog. Jeter was trying to protect himself but Yancy didn’t stop. I got really furious and yelled “NO!!!!” at Yancy. I didn’t touch her but all of a sudden she backed down immediately with her tails between her legs and froze. I think she could feel my fury. I grabbed her collar until the owner came. He apologized several times and Jeter seemed to be okay but lost some of his fur. But that doesn’t mean I was okay. I saw Yancy go crazy many times before. She is very dog aggressive. But her owner is kind of in denial. She needs to get some proper, serious training. Yancy was lucky that night. If she didn’t back down immediately, I would do anything to save my Jeter. I can be very scary when it comes to protecting my loved ones!! That night, Jeter seemed to be okay but I was the one who couldn’t sleep because of the anger and some regret. I should’ve tackled Yancy like a football player before she attacked my boy!!

“Don’t worry. Jeter is okay. Mommy saved him from the crazy dog!!!”

Thankfully, even after that incident Jeter still keeps his cool. He didn’t get nervous around other dogs. I am so glad to see him like that. Since that night, I haven’t seen or heard the crazy Yancy when I walk near her house. Maybe at last the owner realized his dog’s problem and kept her on the second floor or did something. Usually, every time any dog was passing by that house, Yancy would go crazy and through herself violently into the glass part of the front door. The wood blinds of the front door are already destroyed by her. I always worried that she will break the glass of the front door to get outside someday and wondered why the owner keeps her on the first floor like that. Hopefully, this kind of incident will never happen to my corgis again.

Recently, they have been having good, uneventful days. They hung out on the stairs, got some treats for doing tricks, did some neighborhood watching on the window bench, and of course enjoyed corgi napping 🙂 These are some pictures of them from the last few days.

Cappy’s various poses of sleeping 🙂

One of Jeter’s favorite nap spots 🙂

“This is my favorite pillow”

My Patient Corgis – stage II : stack up :-)

After I posted pictures of my corgis with doggy biscuits on them yesterday, there was a comment from one of my Facebook friends suggesting to stack biscuits. So I did that today and I know I’m goofy 🙂 Thank you to my sweet corgis again for their patience and cooperation!!

There are 6 milk bones on top of Jeter’s head. Making Jeter sit still wasn’t difficult at all but staking the biscuits up was a little bit tricky since the biscuits are big and there is not much of a flat spot on Jeter’s head. Every time the biscuits slipped down, Jeter looked at me as if saying “Mommy, you’re all thumbs!!!” 😉 But anyway I made it and I was able to take several pictures with my camera and phone. Jeter loved this corgi Jenga because he got some yummy salmon treats 🙂 He looked so relaxed.

“Meditation… Jenga style!”

I used other doggy cookies too. Once again, it was not that difficult to do with my patient boy Jeter 🙂 There are 5 round “Wet Noses” cookies on top of his head.

“Piece of cake!!!”

“Can you do this too??”

I played this game with Cappy too, but she needs more practice. She was more interested in dropping the cookies to eat them 🙂 This is the only picture I took with 3 cookies(not 2 cookies. The bottom one was hidden in her fur) on top of her head.

“When can I eat these????”

And this is a bonus picture. I took this with my phone in the car on the way back home – my husband was driving and I took this when the car was stopped. I think Cappy would like this picture more than the one above 🙂

Recent pictures of my corgis

These are the pictures of my corgis I took these days. Enjoy!

Last Saturday, while it was raining outside, my boy Jeter was falling asleep on the window bench. He looked so cute and peaceful 🙂

Sleeping Prince 🙂

When Jeter woke up and finally came down from the bench, Cappy went up there. She posed like a professional model and wanted me to take her picture 🙂

“It’s my turn! Take a good picture of me, Mommy!!”

Last Sunday was the birthday of Jeter’s foster mom who is also a reputable breeder and the owner of Cappy’s mom Vanilla. Cappy sent her a big birthday corgi kiss on behalf of all of us 🙂

“Happy Birthday!!”

When I give some treats or the food, my corgis always wait until I say “Okay” They are such good, patient pups 🙂 I often learn from them to be patient. Today I played the “patience game” with them. I used low value treats (milk bones) for these pictures – people can see them easier because of the size and shape – but they can also be good with high value treats. Yes, I’m bragging about my corgis 🙂

My patient corgi Jeter 🙂

Cappy is still a little bit nervous when I put something on her left paw and she moves her head too much for me to put anything on her nose but she is trying hard to be patient. If you know how much she LOVES to eat, you can imagine how much effort she is putting in 🙂

“I need to hypnotize myself.. These are NOT biscuits… these are NOT biscuits!!!”

I don’t know how I lived before without my precious corgis 🙂

Cappy’s trip to the vet

Don’t worry. My little girl is not sick or injured. It was just a day for her to go see our vet to get her annual shots and checkup 🙂 And Cappy had a great time at the vet’s office as usual.

For Cappy, the vet’s office is a fun, happy place. A sort of playground 🙂 She can play with other dogs and Tyler, the receptionist’s cat. She got extra love from everybody and yummy treats. So she doesn’t mind getting shots at all. The fun she has is far greater than the pinch of the needle. Today was the same happy day for her again. After I dropped my husband off at the CTA Station, I went to the vet’s office. Cappy was already excited when we arrived at the parking lot. She played with a small dog while we were waiting and tried to get Tyler’s attention. In the exam room, her nub was wiggling like crazy when she saw our vet Dr. Andy. She loves him so much. And I think Dr. Andy loves her a lot too. The first time we took her there was just a few days after we got her (2010) and our vet couldn’t help himself but adore her. He kept repeating “She’s something, really something!! She’s a traffic stopper!!” 🙂 Our little puppy girl looked so comfortable on the vet’s table.

12 weeks old Cappy relaxing on the vet’s table 🙂

“I love this place!”

Since then, every time we took her there, Dr. Andy was so pleased to see how beautifully Cappy is growing up. Today she got her annual Distemper/Parvo/Lepto vaccine and Bordetella vaccine. Dr. Andy said she is healthy and everything is great. I was glad to hear that. Cappy was happily playing with Dr. Andy while he was answering my questions about dog related things. I got two heartworm preventives and a doggy toothpaste for my corgis. Later this month, Cappy will be back there again for her rabies shot.

I feel so lucky to have found this vet’s office. After we got Jeter, we took him to another animal hospital. It was okay but something bothered me. Somehow I got the feeling that the vet is not that friendly to Jeter. I didn’t feel comfortable and welcomed when I asked some questions to the vet. So I searched for another animal hospital and found Chicago Pet Clinic. I liked it because it’s only a few minutes away from our house and it got many positive reviews. The first time I took Jeter there, I could feel the genuine love and kindness for my dog from Dr. Andy. And the price is really affordable without compromising the quality of service. I was so happy and satisfied. Jeter loves everybody there too. That is the most important thing. If your dogs get excited about going to the vet, that tells you enough. Btw, later I learned that Chicago Pet Clinic was picked as one of the “Chicago’s Best Veterinarians and Animal hospitals” by CBS.

When we came back home, Jeter was pouting a little bit as if he was complaining about not taking him. But he became his normal sweet loving self when I gave him some treats 🙂 He hopped on the new bed, stretched out and fell asleep.

This is how my Jeter sleeps 🙂

From above

Cappy took a nap on the other bed next to him. Watching sleeping corgis makes me smile. There are not many things as cute, funny and lovely as this in the world.

Sweet dreams, my sweeties!