2012 vacation with our corgis – Playing Part II

At Barkwells, Jeter and Cappy played many ways. They chased a ball when we threw it with the Chuckit! Ball Launcher like you already saw from many pictures in my previous blog posts. Jeter played with his ‘Flying Squirrel dog toy’ which we gave him for his 1st adoption anniversary. Cappy ran ran ran after one of her favorite toys – ‘Kyjen tail teaser fishing pole dog toy’. Jeter loves that toy too. When they got tired, they rested in the shade. They got wet from the wet grass and enjoyed towel drying when they came back to our cabin – Barkwells provides dog towels. When it rained, they chilled out on the porch. They really loved the vacation 🙂

Jeter playing with his ‘Flying Squirrel’ toy

Cappy playing with her ‘tail teaser fishing rod dog toy’ near the pond

Fishing for Cappy 🙂

Cappy is taking a rest

“I played so hard!!”

Jeter’s towel drying time after playing in the meadow

Cappy’s happy wet face 🙂

Jeter and Cappy chillin’ on the porch

Jeter saying hi to his furry friends in their yard

Another good thing about Barkwells was your dog can meet and play with other dogs who stay at other cabins. We saw many different kinds of dogs there. Different sizes and different breeds. Just like last year, Jeter and Cappy met new doggy friends and played with them happily. Little dogs named ‘Puma’ and ‘Gypsy’, two big Newfoundlands, a black standard Poodle ‘Blue’, two Labs, a big shaggy terrier ‘Althea(?)’, a Springer Spaniel mix ‘Macy’, another little dog named ‘Blue’, A grey Husky ‘Bandit’, two little white dogs ‘Daisy and Angel’, and more big dogs I don’t know their names. Jeter swam in the pond with his big doggy friends and ran with them. Cappy greeted their owners with her sweet smile 🙂

Jeter running with a Poodle ‘Blue’

Jeter with Althea and her owner

While we were staying at Barkwells, my corgis were playing happily and nicely with other dogs but one morning when Cappy got scared by some big dogs, Jeter became protective of his little sis. I know he just tried to look tough for Cappy and as long as there was no fight, I’m okay with that. My corgis are friendly and well socialized. Just like some people don’t always like everyone, dogs are the same. What we needed to do was take our corgis to another part of the big meadow. But I was a little bit upset when I found out that another dog’s owner complained about my boy!! Don’t falsely accuse my sweet little guy!!! The good thing was Barkwells’ owner Michael understood the situation and he assured me that my corgis are always welcome back 🙂

In my next blog post about our vacation, I’m going to tell you about what WE, I mean the humans did at Barkwells. It was not only a fantastic vacation for my corgis but also for us.

– to be continued


5 thoughts on “2012 vacation with our corgis – Playing Part II

  1. Corgie’s are the cutest! Can’t wait to read more about their little adventures! I think Jeter (awesomename) in the towel looks especially cute, is it weird that he kind of reminds me of a little Yoda like that?lol

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