2012 vacation with our corgis – Playing Part I

Since we came back from the vacation, I took my corgis out to run at the trail or around the neighborhood. They still love to run but I couldn’t see the same ultimate happiness or excitement we saw in NC. I think they miss running freely on the big meadow at Barkwells. Well.. after all it’s like their “Happiest place on earth” 🙂 Watching Jeter and Cappy running on the meadow and feeling their joy was the best part of our vacation.

While we were staying there, we took Jeter and Cappy out to the meadow more than 4 times a day. Your dogs can walk/play around in the cabin, porch and the fenced yard which is attached to the cabin (they can go to the yard without us.) But, when you take the dogs to the big meadow, you need to go out with your dog. We opened the doggy door for them but Jeter and Cappy preferred to go out to the meadow with us rather than playing in the yard by themselves. Once we went out, we walked about a mile by walking up and down the hill and around the pond. My corgis’ mileage was much more than ours because they ran back and forth chasing a ball or running around. I can easily say their daily running mileage during the vacation was more than 5 miles. No wonder Jeter and Cappy fell asleep so quickly every night 🙂

Every morning, they woke us up and looked at us as if saying “Let’s go out and play!!”. We grabbed one of their favorite things in the world – the Chuckit Ball Launcher and headed to the meadow. Cappy was already dancing with joy. They played and played and played until their tongues were hanging out 🙂 Their bellies and faces got wet from the morning dew. Jeter is so fast. He always got the ball but he dropped the ball and Cappy is the one who brought the ball back to us. That’s their way to play fetch 🙂 These are some of the pictures which show their happy moments. Enjoy!

“Come on, Daddy!!! Throw that ball!!”

“I’m waiting!!”

– to be continued


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