Tiring out my corgis :-)

As every corgi owners know so well, tiring a corgi out is a really hard thing to achieve. And even if you somehow succeed doing that, these little buggers recover from fatigue so quickly and start zoomies around the house or bring the ball to you to throw for them. But we, corgi owners, can’t give up. Because tired pups are happy pups and you know how cute the corgis are when they get tired out 🙂

After running 4.6 miles at the Forest Preserve Trail yesterday, Jeter and Cappy looked tired. But they were back to their usual ‘Energizer Bunny’ mode soon after taking some rest. So I took them to the trail again today. My husband stayed at home because of a knee problem. It was another cool morning. The temperature was 63 degrees when we started at 7 am. But it wasn’t sunny like yesterday and felt more humid. Without the bright sunshine, the grass stayed wet with the morning dew. I think that added more humidity to the air. And the wetness to my corgis’ bellies and their 8 legs 🙂

We started our running. My corgis’ pace was definitely slower than yesterday. Even my little ‘Speed Demon’ Cappy didn’t try to run like a sprinter this morning. It was good for me because I didn’t want to run hard two days in a row. It felt great but I can’t take a risk of getting injured. I don’t forget that I just got back to running from weeks of non-running. Running with my corgis at a comfortable pace made me feel so happy but it didn’t last long. After 1 mile, Jeter started to slow down and so did Cappy about a half mile later. So I let them walk for awhile then ran slowly again. Today’s mileage at the trail was 3.6 miles. I wanted to run more but I didn’t want to drag my corgis. Jeter looked tired but Cappy still seemed to have some energy left. So when we came back home, I took Cappy out and ran 0.6 miles more at a faster pace. Then she looked tired too. Running 8+ miles in two days can tire your pups out 🙂

Jeter and Cappy rested almost all day. They fell asleep at one spot for a few minutes and moved to other spots and slept there for an hour or so. Jeter even went under the doggy bed a few times. I don’t know why he did that but it was quite funny to watch 🙂

“Don’t wake me up please….”

They will start to act like not-that-tired-corgis sooner rather than later. But I will give them(and me) a rest day tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Tiring out my corgis :-)

  1. Enjoy your well deserved rest day all three of you! I may not have a corgi, but I do know what it is like to tire out a energized dog and have to say congrats! 🙂

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