Corgis’ pictures and a video :-)

Since the last blog post about Sunday, I went to the gym on Tuesday and walked/ran 3.2 miles. There were less people at the gym and it was quieter than I remember. I had a good exercise but I could see clearly how much fitness I lost while I couldn’t run. Then yesterday and today I had rest days because I didn’t feel good enough to exercise. After experiencing all the pain and the medicine side effects, I really don’t want to get pneumonia ever again. There are not many things to say about my running. So I’m going to fill my blog post with my corgis’ recent pictures and a video 🙂

Cappy loves the window bench

“When will Daddy come back and play with me?”

“Let’s share this window bench!”

“But we’re not always looking in the same direction..”

Afternoon naps on their doggy beds

“Hello, how are you?”

After I saw some videos of corgi vacuuming, I wanted to try it with my corgis. The other day I did it with Jeter and he surprised me by cooperating!! Today we took a video while I was vacuuming Jeter. This is the video 🙂

He is a very good boy!!! I will try it again with Cappy but I don’t know how she will react 🙂


2 thoughts on “Corgis’ pictures and a video :-)

  1. So jealous!!!!!! I have tried and tried to vacuum Flash. He likes the vacuum and tries to herd it, but if I get out the nozzle to come near him he scurries away to hide under the bed.

    • When we first adopted Jeter, he hated the vacuum so much. He wanted to attack the vacuum. After some time and lots of training, he started to avoid it and keep some distance from it. Cappy acted the same as Jeter. Now Jeter is kind of putting up with it 🙂 But they still don’t give up attempting to attack the smaller vacuum when my husband uses it 🙂

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