Back to running.. Without my corgis :-(

I couldn’t run for weeks because of pneumonia. I wanted to return to running last weekend but I got sick again and had to deal with a right knee pain. So, I waited one more week. Finally, I felt good enough to resume running. So today I got up early to go to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail with my husband and my two corgis. But things didn’t go as planned and I had an emotional roller coaster morning.

I was so happy about getting back into running after many weeks of not running. I even got up before the alarm went off. My corgis got so excited too when they saw me preparing my hydration belt. For them, pouring water into the bottles of the hydration belt means a car ride and going to the trail. Jeter and Cappy were dancing around me. We were all so happy about going out to run again. But things changed so suddenly.

After having all things ready, I was walking down the stairs to the first floor. Of course my two excited corgis ran down the stairs like thunders. I grabbed their doggy car vests and called Jeter first. Then I found something wasn’t right about him. He was lifting his left front leg and wouldn’t put weight on it. He couldn’t walk. When I touched that leg, he grimaced. I was so scared and worried. I thought he tore his ACL or something. I tried to take him out shortly to let him pee but instead of doing his usual morning business, he just lied down on the grass and looked at me so sadly. I carried him back inside and laid him down on the doggy bed. I called my husband who was getting ready to go out. When he came down, Jeter wanted to greet him but he couldn’t. Watching my little boy being like that broke my heart.

We discussed about whether to take him to the emergency vet right away or wait about 2 hours for our vet’s office to open. We decided to do the latter because Jeter feels more comfortable with Dr. Andy. While we were waiting, I iced Jeter’s leg and let him rest. He fell asleep. Cappy stayed near him. She seemed like she worried about him. It was sweet and…sad.

After I saw him sleeping, I told my husband that I’m going to go out and run around the block. There was nothing I could do until the animal hospital opened and it was hard for me just waiting and feeling helpless. So I went down. Cappy barked and followed me. Then my husband screamed joyfully “Jeter is walking!!!” After resting more than an hour, my boy could walk again. He used all 4 legs. You’ll never know how happy I was. We took Jeter and Cappy out. We watched closely how Jeter was walking. He seemed to be okay as if nothing happened! Maybe he just had a pulled muscle. We didn’t take him to the vet today. We will watch him during the weekend and if he still has a problem, then I will take him to the vet.

After being happy again, my husband and I decided go to the trail. Of course Jeter couldn’t go with us and taking Cappy only didn’t feel fair for Jeter 🙂 I put my dogs in their crates and went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail with my huband more than 2 hours later than the original plan. The weather was great. A little bit warm but breezy. Since it was the first day for me to return to running, I did Jeff Galloway style – walk and run repeats. My legs felt good. We both enjoyed todays exercise together so much. I could go farther but I didn’t want to do too much on my first day back to running. It surely felt good to be back. I just missed running with my corgis.


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