My Patient Corgis – stage II : stack up :-)

After I posted pictures of my corgis with doggy biscuits on them yesterday, there was a comment from one of my Facebook friends suggesting to stack biscuits. So I did that today and I know I’m goofy 🙂 Thank you to my sweet corgis again for their patience and cooperation!!

There are 6 milk bones on top of Jeter’s head. Making Jeter sit still wasn’t difficult at all but staking the biscuits up was a little bit tricky since the biscuits are big and there is not much of a flat spot on Jeter’s head. Every time the biscuits slipped down, Jeter looked at me as if saying “Mommy, you’re all thumbs!!!” 😉 But anyway I made it and I was able to take several pictures with my camera and phone. Jeter loved this corgi Jenga because he got some yummy salmon treats 🙂 He looked so relaxed.

“Meditation… Jenga style!”

I used other doggy cookies too. Once again, it was not that difficult to do with my patient boy Jeter 🙂 There are 5 round “Wet Noses” cookies on top of his head.

“Piece of cake!!!”

“Can you do this too??”

I played this game with Cappy too, but she needs more practice. She was more interested in dropping the cookies to eat them 🙂 This is the only picture I took with 3 cookies(not 2 cookies. The bottom one was hidden in her fur) on top of her head.

“When can I eat these????”

And this is a bonus picture. I took this with my phone in the car on the way back home – my husband was driving and I took this when the car was stopped. I think Cappy would like this picture more than the one above 🙂


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