Happy 4th of July!

My boy Jeter doesn’t like fireworks. When we first got him, he was pretty laid back about the loud bang sound of fireworks on the 4th of July but the next year he became nervous about the fireworks sound because of our mistake. We took him out when the fireworks were going on that year. We thought he would be okay since he didn’t have any problem before. But we were wrong. Ever since, on 4th of July night, Jeter has a hard time when he hears the fireworks. We have been trying to calm him down and make him relax but he still is not a big fan of fireworks. Cappy doesn’t seem to be bothered by fireworks but we won’t make the same mistake. Tonight, we will take them out early before the fireworks start and keep them inside close to us.

Anyway, it’s 4th of July. I took pictures of my corgis with the little flag. Stay cool and stay healthy!!

Happy 4th of July from Jeter :-)

Happy 4th of July from Jeter 🙂

Happy 4th of July from Cappy 🙂


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