Joy ride

My corgis love the car ride. Whenever I grab their car harnesses, Jeter and Cappy get so excited. They sit on the back seat and I connect the seat belt to their harnesses. Jeter loves to look outside. Cappy is more of a lounging type. Since we got a new car, I wanted to take their pictures in the car and today I took some pictures.

Cappy in the car

This is how Jeter looks during the car ride 🙂

Jeter looking outside

My precious corgis in the car.

Ready for a car ride

I took these pictures with my phone at the parking lot when we went to get some milk.

About running, I ran around the neighborhood. I didn’t feel like driving to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail or the lakefront. It was just an easy, boring run. Nothing special. The weather was better than I thought but still too hot for my corgis to run with me. My quad felt a little bit tight but overall it was an okay run.


3 thoughts on “Joy ride

    • This is ‘3-in-1 Vest Harness for dogs’. You can find it online but we bought ours at a pet boutique. I tried a different car harness for dogs before but my corgis escaped from it so easily 🙂

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