My corgis and their new toys

This morning I stopped at the PetSmart to check the price of a new seat cover for our new car, instead I bought dog toys for my corgis. They were in the clearance bin. Usually I don’t spend much money on dog toys because Jeter and Cappy just destroy them within 30 minutes 🙂

From left to right : “6” Loofa” was originally $3.99 but now it was only 97 cents. “Chicken with bunny ears” was also 97 cents but its original price was $2.47. A pink “birthday Elepant”  was $1.97 (Originally $6.49).

While I was cutting the tags and strings from the toys, Cappy was already so excited. I grabbed the Chicken with bunny ears aka “bunny chicken” first and showed it to my corgis. 

I gave this to Cappy and she was so happy. 

She started to play with it.

Then I showed the Loofa toy to Jeter. He was very interested 🙂

Jeter started to play with it. 

Then he stole Cappy’s bunny chicken toy 🙂

Of course Cappy wanted to do the same thing to Jeter’s Luffa. But Jeter was determined to tease Cappy today. He grabbed both toys and ran away!! Cappy was chasing Jeter. Jeter was so good at playing “catch-me-if-you-can” 🙂

Jeter was grabbing two toys in his mouth 🙂

“I’m SOOOO proud of myself!!!”

He seemed to enjoy teasing Cappy a lot today 🙂 Usually when I give them a toy, Jeter lets Cappy play with it. But from time to time, he just loves to tease Cappy.

I saved the Elephant toy for later. Who thought spending less than 5 dollars would give me this much entertainment? 🙂


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