Ran away from the Muffin Man

Today was a very hot day. The temperature went up to 97 degrees in the afternoon. It wasn’t much cooler in the morning either. At 5am it was already 75 degrees. I wanted to go out to run my Sunday long run early but again I failed to get up. I still went to the Forest Preserve Bike Trail later but the temperature was about 10 degrees higher when I started to run – it was 89 degrees when I finished my run but it felt much hotter. The sun was strong but the weather wasn’t the only reason I came back home with no energy left. Today, in the heat, I ran faster than usual thanks(?) to one guy.

I understand some guys like to run shirtless on a hot day like today and some shirtless runners can be eye candy šŸ™‚ But today, after 2.5 miles, two shirtless guys jumped in front of me and started to run. One of them had a very hairy back and he was wearing his shorts low enough to show his buttcrack. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to see. But the real reason which made me run faster to pass them was his jiggling/flapping muffin top. It just threw off my rhythm. So I passed them then his hissing sound of breathing was the problem. I missed my iPod šŸ˜¦

I ran really hard to be away from him. Hot weather plus running hard made me exhausted. My heart rate went up and I sweated like a leaky faucet. One good thing was that jiggly muffin top man and his buddy were not running fast so I was able to keep some distance. But anyway I ran 6.2 miles today. This was how my second week of my Hal Higdon half marathon training program was completed. I don’t know the Muffin Man and I don’t want to see the shirtless hairy back Muffin Man again!!

When I came back home, Jeter and Cappy licked my face more enthusiastically. I think my face was well seasoned šŸ™‚ I could taste some saltiness from my lips too. I ate scrambled ham and egg which my husband cooked for me and took some rest for a while to cool off. Jeter and Cappy were so excited when I put their leashes on but once they went out, they realized right away it was too hot to have a long walk. Soon their tongue were hanging out and they didn’t want to go far. They looked much happier when I got back into the house. Ahhhh…..nice cool air!! I made their frozen treat and Jeter and Cappy loved cleaning the container I mixed the ingredients in. They put their muzzles together in the small container to lick it. I couldn’t take a good picture of that moment because I only had one hand free and couldn’t grab my phone fast enough. Below is only pic I took. Jeter has some mix on his nose and they both looked crazily focused šŸ™‚


They licked the container in a few seconds. Then they took naps. Sometimes it seems like their life is sweeter than mine šŸ™‚


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