Yesterday I missed the UPS delivery guy. He left a note about another delivery attempt for today. I stayed at home all morning and the UPS guy came around 1pm. I got my packages 🙂

The other day, we were channel surfing and saw a raised Aerobed with a very good price on QVC. We talked about buying one before so we would have an extra bed in case guests visit us since we got rid of the old sofa bed. The QVC’s price($74.97 plus S&H and tax) was way lower than the normal price(about $200). So we ordered it. That was in the package I got today. I waited until my husband came back home before I opened it.

After the delivery, I rested a little bit and took my corgis out then went to the gym. Today was for the tempo run but I didn’t feel like doing it. My body felt tired and I didn’t have much energy. So I switched today’s tempo run with tomorrow’s easy run. I just needed to run 3 miles but I ended up running one more mile. It wasn’t the best run but I was glad I got it done. My corgis slept all day. I think yesterday’s faster paced run in the sun made us tired. Tomorrow will be a very hot day so Jeter and Cappy will not run outside.

We opened the package and inflated the Aerobed. It was quite comfy! My corgis barked at the electric air pump a little bit but they loved the Aerobed. They lay down on it with us and closed their eyes and relaxed. Our new Aerobed was corgi approved 🙂



One thought on “Aerobed

  1. lol how adorable! we used to have an aerobed (maybe we still do, if so we havent used it in forever!) and I think we might have also got it on QVC haha. love your dogs btw

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